Fuego Del Sol Discusses AEW Experience, Getting Kicked By Malakai Black

Fuego Del Sol is the hottest free agent in wrestling and coming off the biggest moment in his career.

Of course, being the biggest moment of his career would involve him getting kicked in the face by Malakai Black at AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen.

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During a Reddit AMA, Fuego revealed Malakai picked him for that spot.

"I was picked… by Malakai.. right when he turned me around and knocked my lights out," he wrote.

Other highlights from the Reddit AMA:

Can you tell us any extra stuff non-signed AEW talent have to go through for a typical taping that signed talent didn't have to do?

There are basic things like COVID testing and paying for your own travel, having separate dressing rooms. But really it’s all about keeping your mouth shut and your ears open. Be sociable and say hello to everyone but don’t be annoying. Be available and ready to do whatever whenever and always be where they want you. Be easy to work with and self aware. I think the reason I stuck around so long is because I know where to be, when to be, what to say, and what not to say!

Would you fight Nick Gage?

I’ll fight anyone for the right price!

What is the backstage like with all the veterans coming in? Have any of them spoke with you or help you with their knowledge and if so are you able to share any stories?

The greatest feeling in the world! To have Mark Henry, Paul Wight, Jake Roberts, Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and more there to help with any questions or advice is the best environment for any young wrestler to be in. Mark Henry has been extremely supportive and helpful to me since his arrival and Paul always gives me critiques after he calls my matches on Elevation. Considering them friends and people I can go to is such a surreal feeling. Those are just legends, haven’t even mentioned all the active vets that are so helpful. FTR, Jericho, Cody, Serena Deeb, Colt, CD, Bucks, Matt Hardy, Miro just to name a few that are always ready to help.

What is Cody like BTS?

He’s an enigma. He’s insanely passionate about this business. If he decides to do something, even the smallest thing, he puts 110% effort into it. He’s also a jokester. He creates a joke in his head and runs with it. He started the rumors of me being fired from Burger King, me having an absurd number of kids, and he legitimately convinced a few wrestlers I was 42 years old. All untrue yet hilarious. He’s incredibly helpful to the young talent, if he invest in you he’ll do everything in his power to advance your career and that’s a genuine soul.

Why did you choose the Tornado DDT as a Finisher?

From a young age it chose me! I’ve been doing it since I was 14 in the backyard! I had stopped doing it as a finish until the day Cody turned it into the legend it is today!

What is the best match you ever had?

The match with QT Marshall. Not for the moves but more for the story. Everything we did was technically sound but that didn’t matter as much as the whole build up. For months we built up a match that was never supposed to happen. It showcases my personality and QT’s asshole side so much so that it is launch his program with Cody. We were planning to do the match at the factory because we thought AEW had no interest in booking it, until Tony heard about the plan and said it had to be on dark!

It meant so much to me because people cared. I hadn’t won a match in AEW and theoretically they had no reason to but we made them. We filmed that match for dark at 2 AM after we had already taped 20 dark matches and QT and I both had already wrestled once that night, the extras and wrestlers were all tired but when the match happened they woke up, the signed wrestlers all came out to watch, so many of my peers cared and then the match was really good. So I feel like it delivered in every way possible… except that I loss… rematch maybe?

Regardless it’s my favorite because I don’t think I ever had the opportunity to tell a long term story in wrestling and I realized those were the stories I want to tell!

Fuego a HOOKER??

HOOKer for life! And I love talking to him about all of his HOOKERS on Reddit.

Cody and Malakai will settle the score on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite when Black makes his in-ring debut for the company.

Fightful will have live coverage of AEW Dynamite beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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