G4 Vice President: DaParty Dressing Up As Characters To Play UNO Is 100% A Show

Fans of DaParty know that Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze, and Adam Cole aren't the only four men who play UNO every Wednesday.

There's DA KAAAAAAANG (Woods), Big Tony (Cesaro), Breeze Exotic (Breeze) and Ronald (Cole) as well.

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The four members of DaParty have created alter egos to their alter egos, adding further depth and story to the UpUpDownDown universe.

Speaking to ComicBook, G4's VP of Programming & Creative Strategy Brian Terwilliger discussed the potential crossover between UUDD and G4.

"I'll tell you from the origin of UpUpDownDown, Austin always thought of it, and when we were putting the building blocks together, this is our MCU. Okay like, Kofi Kingston, you'll be Mr. 24/7 and you're going to be a heel. Who do you want to be? He's like, I'm going to be the biggest crybaby. They're characters. They're getting to be the different extensions of themselves, and what does it do? At the end of the day it allows them to tell a different story and really expand," Terwilliger said. "So, will there be crossover opportunities? Absolutely. I can't wait. It won't be exclusive either. We're carving our own universe over here, with the G4-verse. So, you look at a talent like DA Party, how are they going to come and cross over into what the G4 WWE movie universe looks like? I don't know, but we're absolutely thinking about that, of course. And you look at who from the WWE side has touched UpUpDownDown, and how they've taken characters and story and expanded it. That's going to continue, they're going to continue to succeed and LeftRightLeftRight. They've got so many facets now I can't even keep track, but they're going to continue to expand this as a new opportunity."

Speaking specifically about the alter egos of DaParty members, Terwilliger said, "I would watch them just dress up and play other characters. That's a show. That's 100% a show."

In a recent interview, Woods discussed how DaParty and UNO helped him during the pandemic. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

On April 5 it was announced that Woods would host a video game competition series on G4 beginning this fall.

You can learn more details by clicking here.

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