Gabe Sapolsky Reveals That Darby Allin Was Slated To Win EVOLVE Championship At EVOLVE 125

Gabe Sapolsky shares a great deal of information during his A.M.A.

EVOLVE booker Gabe Sapolsky has partnered EVOLVE with WWE and that partnership has seen the likes of The Street Profits have a run with the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles before going on to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships, talents who partake in WWN recruitment camps receiving WWE tryouts and most recently, EVOLVE's next event will stream live on the WWE Network.

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Gabe Sapolsky started up an 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit and answered a plethora of questions that were presented to him. One Reddit user asked Gabe about Darby Allin's run in EVOLVE and not ending that run with an EVOLVE Championship win. Sapolsky shared that Darby Allin was slated to win the EVOLVE Title at EVOLVE 125 during WrestleMania weekend. On April 12th, it was announced that Darby Allin signed with All Elite Wrestling and Sapolsky added that Darby would've likely dropped the EVOLVE Title to Austin Theory the following day.

"I'll admit it is disappointing how it ended, but Darby gave us a lot of great work and we watched him grow into a star so it is what it is. The fact is he was going to win the EVOLVE Title during WrestleMania week. I felt that as a babyface, it would be tough to get into him as a champion, so he was going to lose it right back to Austin Theory either on the April 13th show or in May in the Midwest." Sapolsky noted. "Theory would be our champion going into July 13th whether Darby was here or not. We were then going to have Darby reach new depths of despair, then win the title after going heel when Priscilla corrupted him like she did to Theory. He would have walked into 2020 as heel EVOLVE Champion. Maybe that would have worked, maybe it is best that it never happened, we'll never know. I'm sure he'll have a lot of success wherever he goes. I just hope he has people looking out for him and not trying to take advantage of his craziness."

Another Reddit user mentioned how PROGRESS Wrestling has "lost their edge" after partnering with WWE. Sapolsky was asked if EVOLVE still has say-so with their booking decisions and noted that WWE wants them to just be EVOLVE and as far as NXT talent being used in EVOLVE goes, it was described as making sure they are in the best possible situations.

"I can't speak for PROGRESS, and they are doing great business so I can't really agree for your assessment, but from EVOLVE's point of view, they want us to be EVOLVE. It is a team effort to determine what NXT talent is on the shows and to make sure they are in the best situations possible, but besides that they want EVOLVE. Triple H made it clear he wants an EVOLVE show on the WWE Network." Sapolsky clarified.

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