GFW Impact Destination X Results: Super X Cup Finals And Jim Cornette Returns

This is the live coverage for GFW Wrestling Destination X! Tonight we will see what the company decides will be the fate of its World Heavyweight Championship after Alberto El Patron was stripped of the title. Lashley takes on Matt Sydal for an opportunity to a title shot of their choosing. We also have the debut of OVE, the indy tag team that has been tearing up the tri-state and much more so be sure to come 8 PM EST for all of the action!

We get a look at Lashley and American Top Team making their way to the arena. We go backstage outside of Bruce Prichard's office to get an update on the heavyweight title. The office door opens and quickly shuts down with no one in sight. We go to the Impact Zone where we have our first title match.

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Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim: GFW Knockouts Championship Title Match: Kim goes for a quick hurricanrana to start off the match. Kim goes for a quick roll up pin, but only goes for a two-count. Kim tries to go for Eat Defeat early but Sienna rolls out of the way as the challenger is in full control of this match. Sienna blocks a DDT from Kim and drops Kim on the steel steps. Sienna now is on the offensive, hits a body splash on the corner and goes for a pin. Kim kicks out and then eats a clothesline. Sienna hits a backbreaker and then a fall away slam.

Sienna has Kim up on the corner and connects with various strikes. Sienna goes for a superplex, but Kim blocks it and then hits a sunset powerbomb. Kim keeps blocking Sienna's punches and hits a big clothesline. Kim goes a top rope crossbody and Sienna kicks out at two with the ensuing pin attempt Sienna is trying to choke Kim out. Kim gets out and connects Eat Defeat. Kim gets distracted by a returning Taryn Terrell who hits a stunner and then Sienna lands her finisher to retain the title.

Result: Sienna pins Gail Kim to retain the GFW Knockouts Championship

We go back to Impact where Matt Sydal cuts on promo on Lashley saying that he is reborn and Lashley will know his name after their match.

Bruce Prichard makes his way to the Impact Zone holding the GFW Heavyweight Championship. Prichard thanks the fans for their loyalty and patience throughout the past few weeks. Prichard said next year they will be much better. Prichard is reading a statement saying that El Patron has voluntarily surrendered the title and that the title will be returned to Lashley. Prichard presents Lashley to the ring, but oh no. We do not get Lashley.


Cornette and Prichard joke around in the ring, but Prichard is shocked to see Cornette back. Cornette said Anthem called Cornette to be a consultant of sorts. Prichard said no one outranks him in GFW and calls security to escort Cornette. Cornette calls Prichard arrogant and that he's overstepped his boundaries. Cornette said Prichard is fired and now Prichard is escorted out of the ring, ripping the title off of Prichard's shoulder in the process.

Cornette said El Patron did not volunteer to surrender the title and that he was stripped. Cornette said the title will not be given out, but earned. He said a 20-man gauntlet next week will decide the new champion. LAX makes their way to the ring as we go to break.

Konnan said Low Ki shouldn't be having to face to compete against 19 other men, but the No. 1 contender. Konnan and Low Ki threaten Cornette and said Cornette says the decision is final, but will put Low Ki as No. 20 in the gauntlet next week. The Super X Cup final is next.

Taiji Ishimori vs. Desmond Xavier: Super X Cup Finals: Both wrestlers trade takedowns. The two men run around the ring leapfrogging each other until Xavier hits a dropkick. Ishimori then does a big hurricanrana and Xavier rolls out of the ring. Ishimori connects with the knee and Ishimori then stands on top of Xavier. Ishimori locks Xavier's body with his legs. Ishimori goes for a pin but it goes for two. Ishimori chops Xavier hard. Ishimori goes for a shoulder block and then springboards himself to Xavier. Double knees from Ishimori but Xavier gets a pin attempt, and Ishimori kicks out.

Ishimori and Xavier trade strikes for a little bit. Xavier goes for a flurry of strikes and then hits a cutter. Xavier lands several big strikes and then a standing corkscrew moonsault. Xavier goes for the pin but Ishimori kicks out. The two finalists trade strikes again and Xavier goes to the top rope. Ishimori gets out of the way and then lands a single leg drop kick. Ishimori then lands another springboard drop kick. Ishimori drops Xavier's chest onto Ishimori's knees. Ishimori goes for a 450 splash, but Xavier kicks out. Xavier manages to hit his finisher and wins the Super X Cup.

Result: Desmond Xavier pins Taiji Ishimori to win the Super X Cup

Xavier is presented with the Super X Cup trophy and said he's coming for the X Division champion. Prichard is yelling outside at Karen Jarrett. Jarrett kicks Prichard out of the arena and that he will never return to the Impact Zone. X Division title match is next.

Right before the X Division title match, Grado and Joseph Park are backstage with an announcement that Grado will say goodbye next week on Impact. 

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Trevor Lee: Ladder Match For The X Division Title: Dutt starts off on offense delivering shots to Lee's head. Dutt gives Lee a hip toss. Dutt then grabs Lee's hair and uses it to slam Lee to the mat. Dutt then throws Lee around the ring. Lee eventually gets some offense in with a European uppercut, but Dutt bounces back with a hurricanrana. Lee grabs a ladder and baseball slides into the ladder which hits Lee's face. Dutt lands a springboard moonsault on to the floor and hits Lee. Lee hits a PK on Dutt and Dutt is on the floor. Lee gets a ladder into the ring and tries to climb the ladder but Dutt manages to get back to the ring. Lee drops Dutt onto the ladder as we head to break.

Back from the break and Lee is close to winning the title. Lee goes down from the ladder and then hits a double foot stomp on Dutt. Dutt takes out a table from under the ring and puts it in the ring. Lee sets table in the ring and Dutt connects a tornado DDT. Dutt is thrown over the table and then is hit with a forearm strike by Lee. Lee then throws Dutt outside the ring and then brings another ladder into the ring. Lee tries to climb the ladder, but Dutt grabs Lee's foot. The second ladder is set up between the ropes and the first ladder and has Lee is lying on the second ladder. Dutt hits a top rope splash onto Lee. Caleb Konley runs into the ring and interferes with the match, throwing Dutt out of the ring. As Lee is trying to get back into the ring, Petey Williams makes his return to the Impact Zone and hits a Canadian Destroyer on Konley. Lee gets back to the ring and tries to climb the ladder until Dutt springboards himself back to the ladder, hits Lee a few times, and retains the X Division title.

Result: Sonjay Dutt retains the X Division title.

Lashley is interviewed backstage ahead of his main event match and calls Low Ki a loser.

OVE (Jake and Dave Crist) vs. Zachary Wentz and Jason Cade: Wentz starts off with a jumping knee strike to Jake Crist and takes Jake to the corner and gets hit with a chop. Wentz gets hit with a codebreaker and both teams are landing numerous rapid-fire moves back and forth. Dave Crist hits Cade with a crescent kick and OVE lands their own variation of Total Elimination to pick up the win.

Result: OVE defeats Zachary Wents and Jason Cade

A number of wrestlers including Ethan Carter III, Moose, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are backstage arguing with Cornette about wanting to be in the gauntlet match. Cornette says they're in the gauntlet match next week and that Drake will be No. 1 in the gauntlet. 

Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Sydal: Winner Gets A Title Match Of Their Choosing: The match starts off with Sydal running around the ring and then lands a few kicks on Lashley. Lashley lands a crossbody on Sydal and goes for the pin. Sydal kicks out at two. Lashley is trying to powerbomb Sydal and Sydal reverses it. Sydal is now countering every move Lashley throws at him. With Lashley on the floor, Sydal hits the standing moonsault. 

As we return to the action, Lashley throws Sydal to the barricades in front of Lashley's American Top Team teammates. Lashley throws Sydal back into the ring. Lashley throws Sydal hard to the turnbuckles. Lashley goes for the cover and Sydal kicks out at two. Lashley tries to crush Sydal's head with Lashley's boot. Sydal is on the corner Lashley goes to work on Sydal. Lashley goes for a half-assed cover and Sydal kicks out. Lashley then has Sydal high up for a vertical suplex, but Lashley has Sydal up in the air for a few seconds before landing the suplex. 

Lashley then tries to attack Sydal, but Sydal counters it with a DDT. Sydal is back in the top rope and Lashley tries to go for a vertical superplex, but Lashley slips a bit and is back in the ring. Eventually, both men would get back onto the ring and Sydal lands a kick on Lashley, but Lashley lands a spinebuster and Sydal kicks out on the ensuing pin attempt. Lashley then hits a running powerslam and momentum is back onto Lashley's side. Lashley would eventually bring a chair out and the referee tries to take the chair away and in the confusion, Sydal hits a spin kick to the chair which hits Lashley in the face. Sydal tries to go for the Shooting Star Press but Lashley hits Sydal with his knees. Lashley runs into the steel post and Sydal gets the pin and wins the match.

Result: Matt Sydal pins Bobby Lashley 

After the match, members of American Top Team get the jump on referee Brian Hebner and while other referees try to take control of the situation, a package plays teasing the debut of Lucha Underground star Johnny Mundo.

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