GLOW Original Little Egypt Says Reality Was Way Darker Than GLOW's TV Show

GLOW original Little Egypt was interviewed recently for WPW Weekly. You can see submitted highlights below and the full podcast at this link.

Why David McLean Didn’t Want To Be Interviewed for the Glow Documentary:

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It wasn’t because he didn’t want to tell his story. We actually brought David into the Afterbuzz studios for Season 1 of Glow's Aftershow, David breaks down his own thoughts about Glow during that time. It was a personal choice and that was perfectly ok. The timing just didn’t fit. And he is 100% supportive of all of us.


Difference Between GLOW on Netflix’s and The Original GLOW:

It was probably darker what happened to us and we also were pioneering and when you are pioneering you don’t know you are pioneering. When you pioneering, it's just like stressful and confusing and you are trying to survive. That’s what the atmosphere was for all of us. I love that they are taking a funny spin on it because it holds the audience better. I don’t know how much drama someone wants to see on a weekly basis. So, I absolutely love that they are doing it as a dramedy. It is loosely based. There is absolutely no confusion with most of us. There are some character similarities but there definitely not complete 100% knockoffs.


Her Relationship with Ivory:

I love Lisa Moretti. She wrestled as Tina Ferrari and went on to be Ivory in WWE. I'm absolutely so excited that she's finally in the Hall of Fame. Should have been there 10 years ago, absolutely.

Starting the Glow Documentary:

These two guys from Houston Texas were at a college and they just had done a couple other documentaries. So they got a hold of Babe(The farmer's daughter) and worked out the details and started to put together the very first interview I was at. And when I got there... there were 6 girls and I came because I heard Matilda the Hun was going to be there and I hadn’t seen her in forever. I wrestled her like crazy. So, I drove from Vegas to LA to give my interview and I watched Malida come out of her van in a wheelchair and my heart just broke. And I’m sitting there and I’m told that Fuji was in a nursing home. I asked the producer, “ how many interviews do you schedule and he said, this is all we have. And I thought, wait a minute you are about to preserve our legacy forever; we need to have this story told by more than 6 people. And I said can you give me time to go and find those girls. …. I found 40 out of 60 girls.


How She Got into Wrestling:

At the age of 19 I got a job at a t-shirt store. And in walks Mt. Fuji this 350lbs Samoan giant to have a t-shirt made for a match and she asked what I want to do with my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and she could see something in me that I didn’t see in myself. … She looked at me and said you don’t need to be here, you could be doing what I’m doing and come wrestle with me at the Riviera.


Women’s Evolution:

(Back in the day) we pulled in audiences but never got the credit for it. GLOW came out and for 4 years, it didn’t mean anything that women were viable. But before WWE pulled the trigger and said we are going to do a pay per view, long before that Shimmer, TNA, WOW were around..... That’s great because they are a big influence in our industry.

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