The Godfather Once Told Undertaker He Was 'Too Big And White Not To Have Tattoos And Ride Harleys'

The Godfather and The Undertaker have been friends for a long time, but now Godfather is revealing what the Undertaker was like before they were friends.

Since his match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker has peeled back the layers of his character to reveal more of Mark Calaway, the man behind the persona.

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One of Mark Calaway’s best friends, in and outside the world of professional wrestling is Charles Wright, better known as The Godfather. A member of BSK, The Undertaker's crew behind the scenes in the 90s, Wright’s relationship with Calaway extends to the very beginnings of their careers in Memphis, Tennessee.

Speaking on the Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Charles Wright opened up about his meeting The Undertaker, their awkward first match, and how, according to Wright, he helped establish some of the more signature traits of Mark Calaway the man that would bleed over into The Undertaker persona at times in his career.

“We had a match and it was probably the worst match in the history of wrestling, mostly my fault. He tells the story where I threw him in so hard that the turnbuckle comes down. If I'm not mistaken, he threw me outside and he wore me out with a chair. She basically said, ‘We can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way.’ I think I said, ‘Let's do it the easy way. After that, for some reason they put us together as a tag team, they were calling us Death Express. He became one of my best friends in the world. Even to this day, he is one of my best friends.”

He continued, “He was a good dude. Back then, and he's going to hate that I say this, he wasn't into country music. People don't know this, but I listen to country music. I'm a big country music guy. So when I got to know him, I told him, ‘Dude, you're too big and white not to have tattoos and you're way too big not to ride a Harley. So, we got him off of that long hair, guitar music, Bon Jovi, or whatever it was. He started listening to country music, we got him into Harleys. We just have the same soul, he's just a great dude. He's a lot tougher than people think. He's a tough son of a bitch.”

Godfather was one of the many legends that wished The Undertaker well in his final farewell at WWE Survivor Series 2020. While the Undertaker is content in his retirement, he expressed displeasure while watching WrestleMania 37 because he felt like he should be involved. Learn more here.

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