The Godfather Says Vince McMahon Told Him He Couldn't Have His Motorcycle Club Tattoo On TV

The Godfather explains the origins of The Soultaker.

Appearing as the most recent guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, Charles Wright (aka The Godfather) was asked about his USWA moniker, The Soultaker, and denied that it was related to the tattoo on the left side of his chest. He went on to explain that the tattoo in question was related to his old motorcycle club and that the reason it's so dark (see image above) is that it was covered up at the behest of Vince McMahon.

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"The Soultaker, if you can see here [points at right forearm], this guy here, this is the Soultaker," Wright explained. "He took women's souls. That's the Soultaker. That dark thing on my chest was my patch from the motorcycle club that I was in. Vince said, 'you can't have that on TV.' My colors. That's why it's so dark, we had to cover it up, but that was my patch for the club that I belonged to."

Wright began making appearances for the WWF in 1991, eventually being repackaged as Papa Shango in January 1992. As for whether or not he has any regrets about covering the patch up, Wright says that by that point in time he was done with the group and they had devolved into something he'd rather not be associated with. He said the following:

"At that point, I wasn't really into the -- the group was called 'The Thugs.' I wasn't into it because when we started it there were five or six of us that were 280, 290, that had good hands, and we just drank, partied, and did our thing. Well, then they started bringing in other people and start dealing in explosives, dealing with drugs, dealing with this and that, and we weren't part of that. So the three of us; me, Big Kenny, and Big Ron, we just came in one day and said, 'we're out of here.' They said, 'you can't just quit the club.' We're like, 'stop us. We're the baddest guys in this club.'... So we became non-active retired members from the club."

He continued on to say that he was tired of getting phone calls at 3 in the morning to break up fights started by club members that he hardly knew or liked.

Throughout his career in the WWE, Wright performed as Papa Shango, Kama, and The Godfather. He is a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.

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