Goldberg Clarifies "Miserable" Comments; Hates Being Quoted, Apparently

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So Goldberg was a guest on the Edge & Christian Pod of Awesomeness and he divulged some things that all of us terrible Fake News wrestling media types thought made for a good story.

I published a story on it this morning. You can read all the quotes there.

Goldberg basically said that all of the excessive training and eating he's been doing is making him "miserable." Apparently, in the more than a dozen years since his last WWE run in 2003-2004, he had dropped down to a more manageable 235-ish, and he (or someone at the top of WWE) was concerned that fans would be disappointed if he didn't look exactly like he did a decade ago. So he started training and eating like mad.

And it made him "miserable."

So all of us Fake News media types quoted him saying that he was "miserable," but apparently Goldberg doesn't like being quoted, because he took to Twitter today and said this:

"*NEWS FLASH* Since this is chapping my ass let's get the record straight.....this @wwe run, experience is frikin' awesome.... honored, humbled, truly appreciative and then some. I'M MISERABLE PHYSICALLY BECAUSE IT TAKES A MONUMENTAL EFFORT, BOTH TRAINING AND EATING, TO TRY AND BE CLOSE TO WHAT PEOPLE REMEMBER.... I STRIVE TO BE THE BEST..... RESULTS ARE GREAT BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN THERE ARE NO BUMPS ALONG THE WAY."

I like the little *NEWS FLASH* he put at the top, there. It really makes you understand that this is real news, and also that the person writing it is about to be a sarcastic asshole about something.

Listen, I can't speak for other websites, but the quotes I used weren't taken out of context, they weren't misleading, I didn't write a headline that said "GOLDBERG SAYS HIS CURRENT WWE RUN SUCKS DONKEY BALLS" or anything like that. 

I said "Goldberg Admits That His Training Regimen And Eating 20,000 Calories A Day Is Making Him 'Miserable'," which is exactly what he said in the clarifying statement.

Now maybe he's made at the Twitter brigade, who took his quotes out of context and made it about something else, I don't know. That's possible too, I guess. But maybe it's the "*NEWS FLASH*" that's got me riled up, but it feels like a direct shot at us Wrestling "Journalists."

It's no secret that I have found Goldberg's current WWE run to be confounding, at best. And at worst, I believe I said it may have ended wrestling as we know it.

But even I found myself experiencing sympathy for this guy, under so much pressure (whether internally or externally) to be what he was when he was a much younger man, forcing himself through training session after training session and choking down lean chicken breast after lean chicken breast, doing it all so his wife and kid would look at him like a super-hero and not wanting to disappoint them or all of his fans.

But when you Tweet out a screed, mostly in ALL CAPS, mad at people like me for quoting you accurately, you don't sound like a superhero.

You sound like this:

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