Goldberg Discusses Positives And Negatives Of WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Bill Goldberg will serve as the headliner of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame, and it seems to have humbled him,

When appearing on a recent episode of Booker T's Heated Conversations podcast, Goldberg discussed the positives and negatives as it pertains to being inducted into the Hall of Fame. While on the show, Goldberg also put over the cast that he worked with during his time in wrestling.

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"The only negative to it is that it makes you feel mortal. Like there’s an end to something. I don’t ever like there to be an end to anything. As long as I’ve got two feet and I can walk and kick and punch with my hands, there’s always a possibility for me headbutting somebody to sleep.

“I’m so appreciative of so many people that got me there. Whether it’s next week in front of my hometown, or it’s at WrestleMania Hall of Fame in front of all my peers. The fact is that it ain’t me, we’re not celebrating me. We’re celebrating a journey that I took, and I couldn’t have done it without guys like you (Booker T). It'’s a celebration of everybody. The journey I had was surely not and could never have been done on my own. I needed so many people’s help with every step of it. I feel so appreciative of everybody.

“I grew up wanting to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. I grew up watching Texas Championship Wrestling with my grandmother, watching (Bruiser) Brody, Ernie Ladd, the Von Erichs. That was an enjoyment thing for me. It was a release. It wasn’t something that I ever aspired to do. So for me to reach a pinnacle such as the Hall Of Fame, I had to have a hell of a lot of help from a lot of people, teaching me the business, tutoring me, and holding my hand along the way to a point where I could do it on my own. I had no knowledge of how to be good at it.”

WWE's Hall of Fame ceremonies will take place Friday, April 6 in New Orleans

You can hear Goldberg's full interview with Booker T at this link

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