Goldberg talks losing his confidence after Undertaker match.

At WWE Super ShowDown in June, Goldberg and The Undertaker had a universally panned match largely due to Goldberg knocking himself out mid-match and not finding his legs as the main event proceeded. After multiple botched spots, including Goldberg dropping Undertaker on a Jackhammer and a failed reverse tombstone spot, the match ended with a Chokeslam.

"It was very important to nobody but me, OK? People were very critical of me, and I’ll be honest, I never really respond to it – I do care what people think. ‘But when I know the whole deal and everything, it’s like, come on guys. Give me a break – I knocked myself out, dude. Now let me see you walk down the street – let alone pick up a 320lbs dude – when you’re knocked out," Goldberg told Metro UK.

Goldberg would return to the ring at WWE SummerSlam, easily dispatching of Dolph Ziggler in a redemption bout.

"I think for me, what the Ziggler match did, was reaffirm my own self-confidence, not for anyone else. But I just needed to go out there and go through the motions, and know, man, just ’cause you stumble once, [it] doesn’t define you," he said. "Unfortunately I was defining myself by whether it be a move or a night or a match. The fact of the matter is, I’m extremely hyper-critical of myself and that’s what’s made me the person that I am. ‘It’s a blessing and it’s a curse. I’m never happy, but I’m always striving to be better than anybody else… [The Ziggler match] helped me out a lot, it really did."

The rivalry between Goldberg and Ziggler didn't end at SummerSlam as the two shot their own angle in Las Vegas, engaging in a pull-apart brawl. It is unknown if the angle will lead to anything on WWE television.