Goldberg Says He Bleeds Before Matches 'For The Fans' To Get Into The 'Goldberg Zone'

During his improbably win streak in WCW, Goldberg put many foes away with The Jackhammer. It become one of the most devastating moves in history as Goldberg powered up opponents and then slammed them down with tremendous force.

During his prime years, Goldberg could seemingly lift anyone up for The Jackhammer.

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Asked by Ryan Satin of Fox Sports which Jackhammer was his favorite, Goldberg replied, "Oh, it has to be on the Big Show. I mean, there’s no question about that. It doesn’t even – no one else comes to mind other than being able to pick a guy up when he weighs 530 pounds. I mean, show me another guy who did that. Didn’t happen."

Goldberg also said Big Show took the move the best because it never could have happened without him.

When asked which Jackhammer he would like back, Goldberg replied by wanting his attempt against The Undertaker back.

"What people don’t understand about that is that, you know, people bitch and moan about me hurting myself prior to getting into the ring and bleeding and gigging myself. Hey, man, I do that for y’all. They don’t understand. I do that for them because I have to do something beyond human belief to get myself into the 'Goldberg Zone.' And if they think … here I am caring about what people say ... but what could be the other reason for that happening other than me trying to get in that zone to provide them with the best character humanly possible? Unfortunately, I knocked myself kind of silly that night and then hitting the turnbuckle and that post, ripping my head open, I didn’t know what was going on. My equilibrium was completely off. Whatever. Anyway, it’s that one," he said.

The bout between Goldberg and Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown 2019 was heavily criticized due to the amount of botches. Goldberg had knocked himself out in the match when he missed a spear and crashed into the corner.

Goldberg is set to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at WWE Royal Rumble. You can view the current lineup for the event by clicking here.

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