Goldberg Talks Challenges Of Wrestling At The Age Of 50

Bill Goldberg had to learn a hard truth recently: You can't eat the same stuff at 50 that you did in your mid-thirties. 

On the verge of a WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Fastlane and a Wrestlemania match against Brock Lesnar, Goldberg has made adjustments because of the time off between his stints in WWE. In an interview with GQ, Goldberg detailed what beginning that process was like for him. 

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"Oh, man. The more 'seasoned' you are, the more your diet plays a huge part in your makeup. My biggest issue throughout this latest adventure that I’m on is trying to make up for 12 years of losing weight. When I signed on the dotted line with WWE this time around, I had six weeks to train and to be in the ring and my food intake doubled, at least," said Goldberg.

When Goldberg was at the top of WCW and headlining Wrestlemania 20 with Brock Lesnar, he had a completely different diet compared to now. Despite all the differences he's still looking at a potential championship reign and headlining Wrestlemania 33 with Brock Lesnar. 

"When you’re 50 years old and you’re putting your underwear on in front of millions of people and you used to be me—lets just say that I’ve cleaned up my diet quite a bit. I didn’t use to be as strict with my fat intake. I mean, I didn’t even know what “Gluten-free” was then. I ate everything that I saw back then. And it didn’t matter because I was younger and my metabolism was even faster. I’ve always been blessed with a very fast metabolism. Which, again, is a blessing and a curse when you’re trying to gain weight and get into cardio shape," said Goldberg.

Goldberg also went into detail about his diet and how the experience of returning to WWE has affected him as an life-long athlete. 

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