Goldust Gave Ronda Rousey Wrestling Homework

Ronda Rousey is taking home assignments from Goldust.

In an interview with ESPN, Ronda Rousey was asked about the wrestlers from WWE helping her as she transitioned from mixed-martial-arts to professional wrestling. Rousey said a lot of wrestlers like to help and shared one particular story about Goldust showing her some moves. She said she can not help but be a fan at times like that.

"Goldust pulled me aside and showed me a bunch of stuff yesterday. He gave me homework to work on during the week. There's so many people willing to help and they want to help," said Rousey.

Apparently, Goldust was watching videos of Roddy Piper with Ronda and showing her what she could use in her own career. They were backstage at Raw trying moves out on a "crash pad".

Rousey will be making her professional wrestling debut at Wrestlemania 34 in a mixed tag team match where she teams with fellow Olympian Kurt Angle. Fightful Wrestling will have live coverage and a recapping podcast for the event.

The full interview can be seen at the ESPN YouTube or in the video above.

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