A Guide To WWE WrestleMania 36 FanDuel Fantasy Game

WWE has partnered with FanDuel for a Daily Fantasy Sports game where fans can win based on what happens at WrestleMania. Fans build a roster and wrestlers score points based on the following criteria:

Foreign Object Used (FO) - 0.8
Kickout (KO) - 0.2
Pin Attempt (PA) - 0.5
Reversal (RV) - 0.3
Submission Attempt (SA) - 0.5
Signature Move Hit (SM) - 3
Put Someone Through A Table (TBL) - 2
Top Turnbuckle Move Hit (TT) - 0.7

Damian Priest vs. The Miz In A Lumberjack Match Set For WWE WrestleMania Backlash

Fans designate one wrestler as a STAR pick and that wrestler scores 1.5x more in each category. There are six spots available and your budget is $100.

As an experienced NBA DFS player, someone with the credentials to give people advice on DFS topics, and a writer of wrestling things here at Fightful, I have put together this cheat sheet for fans to build the perfect roster.

Build around Brock Lesnar or Drew McIntyre

One of them must be on your roster. Lesnar is available for $19 and McIntyre is there for $17. The average cost per wrestler is $17. Both guys are going to hit multiple finishers and have multiple pin attempts and kickouts. One of them should be your STAR pick and given the price on each man, you can easily have both of them on your roster.

Stay away from AJ Styles

$21 for Styles is a bit rich considering the match type he's in. He won't get any top turnbuckle scoring. I'm not sure there is a table in a boneyard. I don't even know if there are pitfalls in the boneyard. The foreign object scoring will probably be high but with so many unknown factors and such a high price, he's a risk. The Undertaker is only at $15 so if you're going to take anyone in this match, he should be your choice.

Value in Raw Tag Team Title Match

Ford will score big with a couple of top turnbuckle moves. He'll also have some pin attempts and kickouts. He's at $12. Dawkins is also at $12 and Garza is at $11. Assuming this match gets 8-10 minutes, there will be enough action to justify the low prices.

Edge over Randy Orton

Orton is priced at $22 while Edge is at $18. You automatically lose pinfall and submissions in the Last Man Standing match, which makes both guys less desirable. But expect multiple RKOs and Spears, plenty of foreign objects, and at least one table spot. They're pretty even in terms of their overall value, but Edge is at a better price.

Value in SmackDown Women's Title Match

Specifically, value in Bayley ($15) and Sasha Banks ($16). There will be multiple pins and submissions in this match. Naomi ($11) isn't a bad bet either if you're still on that bandwagon.

High Risk in Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley and King Corbin vs. Elias

You're probably not getting any top rope moves from these four, a table spot is unlikely, and foreign objects are unlikely. These are also two matches that could be the shortest of the weekend, thus limiting each wrestlers output. Black seems like a safe bet to at least hit his signature move.

Submission value in NXT and Raw Women's Title Matches

Becky Lynch ($18), Charlotte Flair ($17), and Shayna Baszler ($12) all have submission finishers that they will attempt multiple times throughout the match. A submission attempt is worth the same as a pinfall attempt, but just having a submission is an added bonus as it's an extra element that can score points that other wrestlers don't have.

Braun Strowman?

He's on the board at $19. He's not scheduled for a match. Why would you take him?

Putting stock in Seth Rollins

Rollins is the highest wrestler on the board at $23. But he's also one of the most diverse. He'll give you reversals and top rope moves. Maybe a table gets involved in his match with Kevin Owens. He's also good for at least one finisher and plenty of pin attempts and kickouts. It's a high price, but Rollins can do a bit of everything.

The mystery of John Cena and The Fiend

John Cena is at $20 while The Fiend is at $18. One would expect foreign objects in this match, which is a big bonus. Multiple finishers, especially on Cena's side, is also a big bonus. But the Firefly Fun House match is a mystery. What if you don't win by pinfall or submission? That immediately takes those points off the board. Maybe there are no tables and no turnbuckles. Those points are gone. Much like the Boneyard match, you're betting on something you don't know all the details to.

My lineup
Brock Lesnar (STAR)
Drew McIntyre
Montez Ford
Sasha Banks
The Undertaker

Good luck if you end up playing. And if you clicked this article, 5% of your winnings now belong to me.

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