Hangman Adam Page On Comic Book Movies: I'm Tired Of This Superhero Stuff

Adam Page doesn't know that three is the magic number.

Comic book movies have taken the cinema world by storm in the 21st Century, as both Marvel and DC continue to release multiple films that cross the esteemed one billion dollar mark at the box office as both respective fan bases have grown expediently in recent years. However, current AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page is not somebody you should expect to help fill the theater seats on the opening night of the next superhero blockbuster.

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When speaking to Fightful in a recent interview, Page made it abundantly clear that he isn't a fan of the overload of comic book movies at the theaters nowadays.

"No, not at all. Please forgive me if this annoys you or pisses you off. I’m tired of this superhero stuff, man. Every movie’s a superhero movie these days. If you like it, hey, that’s cool. I’m glad. You’re probably having a ball these past twenty years. But damn. I just want to go see something original that ain’t about flying around and shit."

Despite liking the Deadpool movie, Page admitted he fell asleep while watching one of the Thor movies.

"I watched that. I like Deadpool. He’s good. I’ve watched some of them. I fell asleep, I think, at the Thor movie. It wasn’t bad or anything. I was just so tired. I got home from a trip and I just couldn’t stay awake. So, yeah, I don’t know, man. I’m tired of the superhero stuff. I feel like those big blockbusters that used to come out in the day about anything, just random stuff, they don’t happen any more. ‘Cause it’s all superheroes now."

If Page had it his way, he would prefer more random-story movies like Forrest Gump be put in theaters.

"Right, yeah. I know Forest Gump’s always people’s go to. But I feel like they don’t make movies about just some random stuff like that any more. I miss that. I’m sorry if you’re a superhero person. I’m very happy for you this past twenty, but I’m over it. Sorry."

In terms of creating a presentation that could rival one of the billion dollar films, Page had a interesting creative vision for the 2021 Full Gear Set -- the show where he captured the AEW World Championship from Kenny Omega.

"It could have just been a lot of picture of me in my wrestling gear all over the set, you know? My trunks could have swirled around or something cool. Oh, yeah. That would have been badass. Have assless chaps as the entrance. It’s just my bare ass in some chaps and then, I guess, to come out it’d have to open up and come out from my bunghole."

Hangman even went as far as to jokingly claim that maybe AEW would be a billion dollar company if his ideas went through.

"That’s what they should have done and that’s why we’re probably a multimillion dollar company and [not a] billion dollar company. But I don’t run the place, so my suggestions only go so far."

Although Page won't be showing his bare ass on AEW Dynamite anytime soon, you can see him show off his AEW World Championship instead. You also won't find any bare ass across Fightful's content platforms either, but you can check our our weekly AEW Dynamite and Rampage post-shows on our YouTube Channel. Fightful also provides weekly written reports of both shows as well.

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