The Hardy Boyz 'Stole' Kurt Angle's Pyro At WWE WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33, otherwise known as “Fuck Kurt Angle Day.”

The 2017 WrestleMania event featured several homecomings for WWE. Of course, Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE after more than five years away to become the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions in a Ladder Match. When they won the match, pyro went off in a massive celebration. Unfortunately, that pyro was meant for another Superstar returning home to WWE.

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Kurt Angle had just become the latest WWE Hall of Famer and would go on to become the Raw General Manager the night after WrestleMania. Unfortunately, during his Hall of Fame celebration at WrestleMania 33, there were no fireworks for him because those were reserved for The Hardy Boyz.

Speaking on the Wives of Wrestling podcast, Reby Hardy recalled learning about her husband and brother-in-law “stealing” Kurt Angle’s pyro that night.

"WrestleMania 33 was the big debut of Matt and Jeff, the big surprise at WrestleMania so that is a big, huge WrestleMania day for The Hardys, otherwise known as 'Fuck Kurt Angle Day,'" Reby joked. "Apparently, I didn't know until after they came out — it was a beautiful moment, right? They're going down this beautiful, long ramp, and all the fans are going crazy. It's a great moment, and there's pyro, and there's fireworks in the sky and Matt's going in slow motion like this [stretches arms]. It's amazing, right? Beautiful. So I don't know if it was like right after, or a couple of days, or what, Giovanna said, 'Hey, did you notice how you know at the end of Matt and Jeff's match there at WrestleMania that the fireworks were red, white, and blue?' I was like, 'No, I didn't. I was preoccupied. I didn't know what the fuck was going on.' She goes, 'Yeah, those were Kurt's fireworks.'"

Giovanna added more details about how disappointed Kurt was.

"It's funny as shit, okay? If you see a video of Kurt... you know how he comes out and they do the Hall of Fame? He did this [raises arms] waiting for his fireworks, and it didn't happen. Kurt comes out after, and I come up to him, and he was like, 'They didn't do my fireworks.' He was so fuckin' butthurt," said Giovanna.

Reby Hardy even said that she has the moment of Matt Hardy celebrating with the pyro going off as a blown-up picture in their home gym.

Kim Orton also shared a story about her husband's entrance that year. Randy Orton would go on to win the WWE Championship that year from Bray Wyatt but Kim says Randy nearly lost consciousness during his entrance from getting so worked up that he became lightheaded.

"I was just gonna say something about Randy's entrance at that same WrestleMania. He was walking down the ramp and he got so fired up that he got lightheaded. Yeah, but he got so fired up and like, held his breath as he was getting fired up, and he stops, and he puts his like hands down and he was like [discombobulated]. That motherfucker almost passed out," said Kim. “He walks so slow as it is that it took him five minutes to get down there.”

Elsewhere on this week's episode, Reby Hardy talked about being comfortable putting her children on television. Read more here.

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