HoHo Lun Asked Out Of WWE Deal To Care For Sick Mother

HoHo Lun was released by WWE after an underwhelming run in the company, but it was his call.

In an interview with WWE.com, Lun opened up about his decision to leave WWE.

"I went to Hong Kong for vacation about three weeks ago and that's when I realized that my mother is sick," he said. "That's why I decided to tell Matt Bloom, the head coach of the [WWE Performance Center], that I wanted to request my release."

Even though he asked out of his WWE deal, Lun is keeping the door open to return to WWE in the future.

"One of my top goals was to perform in front of WWE Live fans in China," he said. "It was a really tough decision because I wanted to perform in my home. I want to thank the WWE fans for supporting me over the last 13 months," Lun said. "I hope that they can keep following me with my next journey because I will be making history by helping the scene in Asia. And maybe one day, I can come back to WWE again and perform as a WWE Superstar."

You can see the full article at this link.

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