Hollywood Is Making A Movie About Vince McMahon's Life

The Hollywood Reporter is ... uh, reporting that Tri-Star Pictures has entered negotiations to secure the rights to 'Pandemonium,' a script based on the life of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.


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Apparently, according to THR, the script was a hot commodity last year, but studios balked at starting production, because "WWE and McMahon had not blessed it and companies didn't want to antagonize a powerful entity."

But now that Andrew Lazar (of "American Sniper") is attached as a producer and has "secured McMahon's life rights", everyone is in a frenzy for it. 

See, the studios had to wait until Vince McMahon approved of the details of his life, the ones he would allow to be presented on film. And now that he has, we all get to watch the McMahon-approved fictionalized version of his life story where he is the hero and everyone else is wrong. 

It's going to be a completely transparent fluff piece, and I CAN'T WAIT.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who direct and executive produce the tear-jerking television drama This Is Us, are in talks to direct, so you know they'll make the sentimental scenes with his mom extra schmaltzy and weepy.

Craig A. Williams, the screenwriter, has one movie on his resume. It's called "Underdog," and is surprisingly not subtitled "The Roman Reigns Story."

Now, it's far too early to have any idea about potential casting, but that shouldn't stop us from speculating!

Sound off in the comments and tell me who should play Vince, Linda, Hulk Hogan, Ted Turner and anyone else you suspect will have a major part in this wonderful, wonderful train wreck.


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