Hornswoggle: Miss Piggy Was Supposed To Give Me The Power Of Speech In WWE

Hornswoggle reveals how he was supposed to gain speaking abilities in WWE.

Throughout the first part of his career in WWE, part of Hornswoggle's character was that he was not able to actually form words and/or sentences. Instead, Hornswoggle would often just laugh, grunt, and make other random noises as a form of communication.

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A miracle happened on a December 2011 edition of WWE SmackDown, as Hornswoggle, with the help of Sheamus, made a wish to Santa asking to have speaking abilities. Santa, played by Mick Foley, would grant this wish.

In a recent interview with Metro, Hornswoggle revealed that he was originally supposed to gain speaking powers from Miss Piggy of The Muppets.

"[It was] supposed to be the Miss Piggy thing, it was supposed to happen that day! The original pitch was when Miss Piggy hit me, I was supposed to then be able to talk. It didn’t happen and I was bummed out but I was like, you know what? I still get to work with The Muppets on Raw, this is incredible."

Hornswoggle also noted in the interview that he's a long time fan of The Muppets and that meeting them was on his bucket list.

"I was shaking all day, just physically shaking. Man, I don’t care – I loved meeting Ozzy Osbourne, I loved meeting Shaq, I loved meeting these celebrities, Bob Barker, all that. But this is my one. This is a bucket list. So, when they came to life in front of me it was just this – I froze, I literally froze. They were hospitable to me and everything. I brought two big posters for them to sign, and they signed not just once, but they signed as every one of the characters they portray on these posters."

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Special thanks to Metro for the quote(s).

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