Hulk Hogan Calls Victims Of Hurricane Irma Without Power Or Water 'Crybabies'

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Hulk Hogan Is A Horrible Person
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Hulk Hogan lives in Florida.

So do about 20 million other people, and they were all in the path of Hurricane Irma. Some felt it more than others. Lives were lost, homes destroyed, and millions of people are still without power or clean water.

Hey guess what? If you're in that last group, the "I can't see in the dark and I'm really thirsty" group?

Hulk Hogan says you're a crybaby.

Nobody asked you to do comparison shopping on misery, Hulkster. 

Yes, some lost more than others, but those people are suffering too. It's mid-September in Florida, so it's probably like 90 degrees with 178% humidity. Power for the A/C and clean water to drink might come in handy.

So, could you just not? Thanks, Terry. Preesh.

UPDATE: Maybe Hulk got some backlash from those Tweets, or maybe he had a change of heart, or maybe the religious man "saw the light," because according to this video from his Facebook, he's out bringing food to the power company workers, so they can get power restored to those "crybabies."

Whatever the reason, good for you Hulk. Maybe you're not such a horrible person after all.

You're still not off the hook for that N-word Sex Tape, though.

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