Impact Interviewer Alicia Tout Reveals How She Got Involved In Interviewing

New Impact Wrestling interviewer and founder of AMBY (A Music Blog, Yea?) Alicia Atout was interviewed recently by Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see the full interview above and at this link, and highlights below. 

Getting used to doing more kayfabe interviews versus her shoot style interviews:
"It is definitely an adjustment for me because it is still me in front of the camera. I don't try to put on a facade or a character. But, with my AMBY interviews, it is sitting down one on one, it is usually 15 to 20 minutes, and I do all of the research. With these interviews, everything is kind of told to you prior and then you get to act off of what they say. There's a lot more instinctual reaction to the way they act on the other side so if I'm getting yelled at by somebody, sometimes I don't know it is coming! (laughs) So, I'm like, "Oh my Gosh, this is happening!" So, you really have to play off people's reactions versus a simple conversation. I definitely had to learn that. Luckily, I worked with some local promotions prior. Now that I get to work with the Impact people behind the scenes - Like Jimmy Jacobs who is one of my absolute favorite to work with because he's just so great at giving advice - Now that I get to work with their incredible crew, I feel like I've just learned so much! They're definitely different and they definitely each have their own qualities. But, the backstage stuff is just so fun for me!"

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How she started doing wrestling interviews:
"Growing up, I used to write a lot. I used to write lyrics, music, and some random reviews. So, I ended up putting them online because my parents said, "Why don't you put these out there so you don't keep them to yourself." I said, "You know what? I'll listen to my parents. Lets see where this goes!" From there, I started getting some fans reading them - I started out with a couple of hundred and then I started to interview some really big artists and it went up to a couple of thousand. Next thing you know, we get millions of views now! It got to the point that the music side was big enough, I thought that I had been a wrestling fan for so long - Lets try one wrestling interview and see how it goes. I ended up interviewing Impact Wrestling Knockout Allie. It was just phenomenal. I absolutely adore her. The reception from my fans was great. So, I ended up doing wrestling and music interviews full time and now I'm working with an incredible wrestling company, Impact. So, yeah, it has been an incredible experience for me!"

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