Impact's Caleb Konley Says He Wants Impact To Work With WrestlePro

Impact Wrestling's Caleb Konley spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for an interview. You can see the interview at this link, and the highlights below.

Impact doing cross promotion shows like they did with Lucha Underground at WrestleCon:
"I think it is great. We live in a time where so much wrestling is seen online. There's all these people who fantasy book these cross promotion shows... You can't really act like other promotions don't exist like has happened in the past hundred years of wrestling. You really have to be open and say, "This is Impact but also, Lucha Underground exists and everything else in the world exists." It is nice to get out and wrestle guys I probably would not ever get a chance to wrestle with if this was a different time. I think 2018 is a very weird and different time in wrestling and I think it is going to only get better from here."

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Promotions he'd also like to see Impact work with other than Lucha Underground:
"Well, we've done stuff with WrestlePro, Big Time Wrestling out west, in July I believe we have one of the Twitch pay per views with my local company in North Carolina AML Wrestling, I enjoy the cross-over shows. It is a more intimate feel than the TV tapings. It is like going to a concert at a bar where you're right there in front of the band instead of going to an arena show where you have nose bleed seats and you have to have binoculars to see the band."


What it means to celebrate Slammiversary as part of Impact Wrestling:
"It means a ton. Back in the early days of the Wednesday pay per views, me and a couple of buddies would leave school early on Wednesdays, drive to Nashville which was about a 4 and a half hour drive from where I was living in Georgia and go to those pay per views for several months. As a high schooler knowing I wanted to break into the business, that is always one of my fondest memories being right there right and the beginning of Impact. They weren't necessarily national or international at that time but you knew they were onto something new and exciting. Here I am 15, 16 years later and I'm a part of it. It is awesome!"

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