IMPACT Slammiversary 2021 - X-Division Championship: Six-Way Ultimate X Match Result

The X-Division Title remains with the "Walking Weapon."

Josh Alexander retained the X-Division Championship at IMPACT Slammiversary, fending off Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Petey Williams, and Chris Bey in an Ultimate X match.

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Alexander was able to wrestle the title away from Bey as both men fought for it in the middle of the cables in order to retain.

From Fightful's coverage:

Ultimate X Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs Trey Miguel vs Ace Austin vs Petey Williams vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey

Everyone pairs off before Chris is first to try and grab the belt before he's caught and ripped down before Josh hits a German where Ace nearly lands on his head before Rohit goes up top and fails to jump to the belt before Bey clears the ring and everyone takes turns hitting topes before Rohit and Ace exchange up top. Rohit sends Ace down and onto everyone else at ringside before grabbing a rope and climbing it to get to the top before Petey rips him down and takes out Rohit before Bey takes him out and Rohit and Trey go for a frankensteiner and Trey lands on his head. Trey recovers and they hit a tower of doom before Rohit tries to use a metal hook to get the belt down before standing on a chair and trying to hook it before Trey hits a missile dropkick with Rohit standing on the chair before Rohit and Petey lock in a double submission on Trey. Josh climbs the rope before everyone except Rohit are in a submission and he throws a chair at Josh who's upside down before Josh falls down and rolls out onto the apron before Chris hits a cutter to Ace while he's upside down before Petey hits the Destroyer to Rohit and Trey. Petey climbs the scaffold and the rope before Josh puts Chris on his shoulders and makes him grab Petey before Petey hits a Destroyer in midair to Chris on Josh's shoulders before Trey takes out Rohit and Chris and Josh exchange strikes upside down. The two then grab the belt before Ace launches and nearly grabs it, but they lift it and he crashes onto the mat before Josh knocks Chris down and grabs the title for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander retains his X-Division title by grabbing the belt from the top of the ropes across the ring.

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