IMPACT Wrestling Results for 9/30/21 Madman Fulton vs Christopher Daniels

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV!

Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne vs Laredo Kid

Vince McMahon Says He Has Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Alexa hits a head scissors into a dropkick to Trey, then Laredo before catching Trey up top with an enzuigiri before Trey slips out and hits a cheeky nandos before hitting a 619 and counters a Frankensteiner into a submission on Alex while sending Laredo out of the ring. Laredo breaks up the hold with a 450 before Laredo hits Trey with a hurricanrana and Alex powerbombs Laredo before Trey hits a jumping stomp to Alex before Laredo hits a springboard cutter with Trey onto Alex for a near fall. Trey then hits a diving meteora to Laredo after sending Alex out of the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel defeats Alex Zayne, and Laredo Kid via pinfall.

- We get a video package promo by Matthew Rehwoldt as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to a recap of Sami Callihan being taken to the hospital earlier today before we get a backstage promo by Eddie Edwards who says that Sami will be just fine, and that he's coming for W.Morrissey, and intends to end it once and for all before saying that he's coming for Moose next.

The Influence (w/ Kaleb) vs Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering

Rachel and Tenille start the match off before Tenille drags Rachel out of the ring and Jordynne goes to face confront Tenille before Madison attacks Rachel from behind as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to to Rachel driving Tenille into the corner and tagging in Jordynne before the two double up on Tenille for two before Madison cheap shots and Tenille rolls her up for two before Madison comes in and locks in a standing side headlock on Jordynne before dropping her with a knee for two. Madison and Tenille double up on Madison for two before Rachel gets the hot tag and she and Jordynne double up on Madison for two before Kaleb distracts Jordynne and Madison hits a neckbreaker before Tenille hits the Spotlight Kick for a near fall that Rachel breaks up. Jordynne drives Madison into the corner before Rachel hits a low dropkick into a suplex for a near fall that Tenille breaks up before Jordynne dumps Tenille and gets distracted by Kaleb before Madison and Tenille hit Rachel with a Stroke for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Influence defeat Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering via pinfall.

- We get a backstage interview with Christopher Daniels ahead of his first match in IMPACT in eight years against Madman Fulton in our main event.

- We get a taped black and white promo by the IMPACT Tag Team champions The Good Brothers.

- We go to Deonna Purrazzo showing up at Mickie James' house and attacking her in a barn before they brawl until Deonna nearly drowns Mickie in a bucket of water before leaving as we go to commercial.

- We get a backstage promo by FinJuice.

Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) vs Christopher Daniels

Fulton beats Chris down and hits a delayed suplex before Chris dropkicks Fulton and rolls him up before hitting an enzuigiri before jabbing Fulton before Fulton misses a boot in the corner and Chris sends Fulton out of the ring before hitting an asai moonsault. Chris rolls Fulton back into the ring before hitting a slingshot elbow drop before hitting mounted punches in the corner and Fulton shoves him away before hitting a jumping splash for two before hitting several falling headbutts. Fulton whips Chris into the corner before hitting a running splash and locking in a hanging rear naked choke before hitting a diving cross body for two before Chris comes back with a DDT. Chris hits an enzuigiri into a hurricanrana before hitting a uranage before Fulton counters a second uranage and hits a powerslam for two before Fulton distracts the referee and Ace beats on Chris at ringside before he's ran off by Josh Alexander. Fulton then hits Fulton with the Angels Wings for a one count before Chris drops Fulton with a diving flat liner and hits a moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels defeats Madman Fulton via pinfall.

- Backstage Scott D'Amore shuts down Swinger's Palace permanently when he finds out that they don't have a gambling license as we go to commercial.

- Fulton and Ace meet with Scott D'Amore where he makes a tag match between Fulton and Austin and Cage and Alexander for next week.

- Violent By Design come out to the ring and Eric demands an answer from Rhino before Rhino comes out to the ring and Heath comes out and takes out VBD before Rhino can give his answer before Heath goes to hug him and Rhino leaves before he can.

- We get the announcement of a tournament to crown the inaugural Digital Media champion which will culminate at Bound for Glory.

Hardcore Match
W.Morrissey vs Eddie Edwards

The two brawl before W drops Eddie with a boot and Eddie hits him with a trash can lid before W boots Eddie and tosses him back inside before hitting Eddie with a wet floor sign before hitting Eddie with a sign when he goes for a suicide dive, a piece of the wet floor sign breaking off and flying up the ramp. Eddie hits the suicide dive on the second attempt before bringing a table out from underneath the ring and propping it against the ropes before W sends Eddie into the steps before Eddie sends W face first into the steps with a drop toe hold as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to W in control with a table, chairs, and trash cans, and lids in the ring before setting the table up in the corner and hitting a running splash in the opposite corner before playing to the crowd and hitting Eddie with a trash can lid. W misses another splash in the corner before countering a back suplex by Eddie before Eddie hits him with a trash can lid and hits a blue thunderbomb onto a trash can before bringing out a chair wrapped in barbed wire. W boots Eddie when he goes to hit him with the chair before W hits Eddie with a normal chair and drives it into his throat before setting up a pile of chairs and Alisha comes out and hits W with a kendo stick when he's going to superplex Eddie. Eddie then powerbombs W through the pile of chairs for one before hitting him with a kendo stick before Alisha puts the barbed wire chair in front of W and Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards defeats W.Morrissey via pinfall.

- After the match Moose attacks Eddie and Alisha before spearing Eddie through the table in the corner as we go off the air with Moose putting a chair around Eddie's neck and sending him into the post and hitting him with a different chair with the first chair still around his neck.

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