MYC's Aerial Monroe Unveils Her Wish List Of Opponents

Independent wrestler Aerial Monro spoke to WPW Weekly for a new interview. You can see the full interview at this link or above, and can see submitted quotes below:

Top five wrestlers Ariel would like to have matches with:

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Number one would probably be...Tessa Blanchard, because we trained together. We were promised a match at PWX, but that didn’t happen...we came up together essentially...I would love to have a match with her because we have very similar styles...Next would be Savannah Evans, she’d be number two. I trained with her as well, she’s awesome and I always wanna wrestle people that are bigger than me, so I can you know, chop ‘em down to size a little bit [laughs]...Jordynn Grace...I haven’t had a one with Aja Perera. I tagged with her but I haven’t had an actual match with her...I’d probably say Dynamite DiDi, because I believe that there’s something special with her...people have a habit of only booking people that they know, but I see the talent...and I believe that she has something special. Oh, her and Harlow.

Any wrestlers she would love re-matches with?

I would love to have a match with Nicole Savoy...she hits hard and I love that, but not too hard where I’m mad...I would love to have another match with Shotzi, after of course, she heals up and everything...Kiera Hogan, I would like to wrestle her when I’m not terribly sick. I had that match with her in New York for Shine, and I didn’t know that I had pneumonia and that nightmare virus combined...we pulled out like a 10 or 15-minute match. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it, but I did. So it’d be nice to do one when I’m actually not sick...I’d love to have another match with Dementia D’Rose...and Vanessa I said I got this whole thing with tall people!

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