Former WWE announcer Jack Korpela was interviewed by To Be Determined. You can check out the full podcast at this link, and see submitted highlights below.

Getting Hired by WWE:

I got out of college summer of '05. Figured I would be working in broadcast sports within a few months right? I'm ready to go. I got some experience. I got a tape. And then reality sunk in. This is a lot harder than I thought. Spent a few months in my parents's basement. Couldn't find a job. Was banging on doors everywhere. I kept hearing send out tapes. Back then, actual VHS tapes because that was the most affordable thing for me to do. I was sending them out, it sounds crazy now. Anyway, I ended up sending a tape to WWE on a whim. What the Heck? Let me try.

Commentary With Matt Striker:
Very smart guy. Another guy that makes you insecure in a way because we all have strengths and weaknesses and Matt has an incredibly strong vocabulary. Very intelligent. Understood the business from being a worker himself so it was intimidating for me. I knew that I had something to offer, but then to be paired with this guy. It's like being a tag team out there. How can we have good synergy? How can we have good chemistry? So that took awhile to figure out.

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