James Ellsworth Not Afraid Of The Spotlight

James Ellsworth says he is only concerned with doing his best work in the ring. 

Ellsworth appeared on Wrestlezone Radio to talk about being involved with Braun Strowman and AJ Styles on WWE TV. But this was not the first time Ellsworth has been around the WWE scene.

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"I've been backstage quite a few times before then, doing extra talent stuff. But that was my first match on WWE," said Ellsworth.

When he found out he would be featured in a match on Monday Night Raw, Ellsworth did everything to ready himself to perform. 

"Right away I thought 'I need to do a good job.' I didn't think of anything else. I said 'I'll think of everything else tomorrow', I'll think of the 'Wow, I was on Monday Night Raw', 'Wow, I was in front of 15,000 people; in front of millions of homes across the world,'" said Ellsworth.

Ellsworth has been asked back because of fan support. Fans have responded to his catch phrase "Any man with two hands has a fighting chance." Ellsworth described the origins of the phrase. 

"They gave me a script and we're back there with the writer and he said, ‘Do you think there’s anything you might want to add to this?’ He’s like, ‘Nine times out of ten we won’t let you but if you have anything cool we’ll let you.’ I said, ‘Well, I’m hitting him twice in the match can I say, ‘Any man with two hands has a fighting chance?’' He goes, ‘Well, I like it. Let me see if I can get it cleared.’ I don’t know who he had to clear it with. I don’t know if it was Vince himself. I have no clue. Then I didn’t see the writer for an hour and a half. He comes back and he says, ‘Dude, they love the line, you have to say it!’ I said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll say it,'” said Ellsworth

The rest of the interview goes over Ellsworth's fourteen year career and his appreciation of fan support. 

James Ellsworth challenges for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tonight on Smackdown. 

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