James Ellsworth Talks Match With Styles, TNA

James Ellsworth is living the dream. He knows that.

The indie wrestler, who has competed recently on SmackDown Live, talked to the Hit The Ropes podcast this week. On the episode, he discussed wrestling organizations trying to sign him, and his championship match with AJ Styles.

Ellsworth defeated Styles via pinfall on the Oct. 11 episode of SmackDown Live. He wrestled Styles again this week, but with added pressure: the match was for the WWE World title.

"All day I was nervous. For me, in my humble opinion, he is the best wrestler in the world. Being in a match, where the WWE championship is on the line, is a dream come true. I just remember standing in the ring, in the corner, and the people are chanting Ellsworth. And then the referee just raises the WWE world championship title," Ellsworth said. "And I'm looking up at it and I remember being a little kid, watching Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels, the Iron Man match. And Hebner raises the title. Those things do go through your head. I'm like, wow, I'm actually here. I've made it this far. I'm in a WWE world championship match and the referee's raising the title right in front of me. Dreams do come true."

Even though Ellsworth has been used the past two weeks on WWE programing, he isn't shopping himself around to other promotions like TNA, because he doesn't want heat with WWE.

"The WWE is the place to be, it's always been my dream, to be a part of the WWE. So, I've never reached out to TNA, no. There have been, I won't say TNA or Ring of Honor, but there have been bigger companies reaching out to me. But I haven't responded," Ellsworth said. "I don't want to upset the WWE. They've put me in a world title match, given me a t-shirt now, they've invited me back again. I don't know how far this going, but I'm going to stick around to see. I don't wanna mess this up."

The feud between Ellsworth and Styles does not seem to be over, which will likely result in more matches between the two.

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