Jay Lethal Describes Pressure Of Being Labeled The 'Franchise' Of ROH, Early Wrestling Memories, More

The 17-year veteran opens up thoughts to fans.

One of the many youthful veterans in the pro-wrestling industry, Jay Lethal; who has put together quite the resume' since his in-ring debut in 2001, hosted a Q&A on ROHWrestling.com. Lethal, who has won championships all over the world, answered ten questions presented to him by ROH. Lethal revealed advice that he received from WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash, unveiled the most embarrassing moment that he's had in the business, along with much more.

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In the first of ten questions, Lethal recalls his earliest memory of pro-wrestling: "The first memory I have of pro wrestling is sitting on my mom’s bed with my brother, getting ready for wrestling to come on. I think it was a Saturday; the cartoon “X-Men” was on, which was the lead-in. I remember being so excited for wrestling. I think I was also excited because my older brother was so excited."

It is difficult to imagine Jay Lethal not being a pro-wrestler, but if he wasn't, here's what the former ROH World Champion would be doing:

"I might be a carpenter like my dad. Before I had the chance to become a pro wrestler, I accompanied my dad to work many times. Some of the coolest memories I have are from working with him. I remember when I got my first power drill, he was just as proud of me then as he is today."

Throughout his tenured career, Lethal has surely given out advice of his own, but he did receive it during the earlier stages of his career. Lethal recalled a time when WWE Hall Of Famer, Kevin Nash, shared a few words with the 'Black Machismo'.

"Kevin Nash told me: “If you’re not having fun, then what is the point?” I didn’t fully grasp it until a few years later when I realized that I could have fun and work hard at the same time."

Now with experience comes plenty of good moments. Lethal would go on to share the most embarrassing moment of his 17-year career:

"It happened during my very first match. My music hit, my family was cheering ready for me to make my entrance. I waited until the perfect cue during the music and once I walked through the curtain, I slipped on a big puddle of water. My opponent came out before me and he was dripping wet so it made the floor all slippery."

Jay Lethal has been labeled the "Franchise" of ROH due to his multiple title wins and great matches within the company. That could be a great deal of pressure for someone to deal with; being called the 'Franchise' of a company, but not Jay Lethal.

"I actually like the sound of it. When I started watching ECW I was a fan of Shane Douglas, it reminds me of that. I actually don’t feel any added pressure from it. But I always honestly feel pressured to deliver up to the standard that Ring of Honor has set."

The former six-time TNA X Division Champion looks to continue being a staple in Ring Of Honor. For more questions answered by Jay Lethal, click here.

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