Jay Lethal Says 'It's Great' That Cena Tied Flair's World Title Reign Total

John Cena tied Ric Flair's record for world title reigns last month, and one of Ring Of Honor's top stars was quite pleased with that.

Appearing on the latest episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast, Jay Lethal was asked about Cena tying Flair with 16 world title reigns and simply said, "I think it's great."

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Cena tied Flair with his win over AJ Styles last month at the Royal Rumble, dethroning Styles as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Lethal, who had an interesting program with Flair in TNA (see video at the bottom of the page) went on to praise the longevity of Cena's career:

"I think any time that you can, with one particular person in the wrestling business in one particular company, and have him last so long. Give him the belt, and then take it away, and then give him the belt, and then take it away. And yet, every single time he gets some sort of reaction, I think is a great testament to John Cena."

Lethal also expressed a rather keen awareness of WWE programming, noting that "as a wrestler, we have to watch everything if we really want to excel. And one of the cool things I think about John Cena is, I think he's super loved by all. But, it's just a cool thing, sometimes, to boo him. But just because they boo him, doesn't mean they don't like him."

Lethal likened the crowd reaction Cena currently gets to the response for Kurt Angle during his time in WWE:

"Just like Kurt Angle's music, when the fans chant 'You suck! You suck!' I remember chanting along, just because it was cool at the time, but I loved Kurt Angle. He was the greatest wrestler, he still is. It is just something to be said about having that 'cool' factor to you. It's cool to boo him, but we still love him."

Lethal recently signed a new two-year extension to remain in ROH.



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