Jay Lethal Talks Feud With Ric Flair, If TNA Got As Much Out Of It As They Could Have

Jay Lethal was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter for a new interview. You can check out highlights below, and hear the full interview at this link.

On his promo with Ric Flair:
"That promo with Ric Flair was probably the scariest promo of my life. I was never, ever in TNA given a chance to, first of all, cut a promo, a live promo, in the middle of the ring with a live microphone. I was never, ever given this opportunity. When I was doing the Black Machismo character, all my promos or interviews were done backstage. Even if I didn't say the right word or the right thing, it didn't really matter so much because it was more of a comedic role. I could get away with it. I never had to do more than 1 take as my Black Machsimo character. But, this Flair thing possibly could require a couple of takes. But, they didn't care. They put me in the middle of the ring for the very first time, not knowing how I would do... It is like, "We didn't trust you before but now that Flair wants to do this program with you, we have 100 percent confidence in you." Then, when you go on top of that, I have to go back and forth on the microphone with someone who is considered to be greatest promo guy in the history of this business. That made it the scariest moment of my life... All of the time I had to be face to face! I remember being so nervous, my hand went completely numb!"

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On if TNA got all they could have out of his feud with Flair:
"No, I don't think they got everything they could out of me versus Flair. Not many people know this and I don't really know why the answer was no. But, shortly after my second match with Ric Flair which was a "Hardcore Match", and I remember within 2 minutes, he was in his underwear and bleeding (laughs) which I appreciated. After that match... Ric Flair had a stable called Fortune. It was AJ Styles, Nigel McGuinness, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian... After that match, Tommy Dreamer was creating his own stable to rival that group. He had requested me to be in that group and they told him no. The only reason I found this out is Tommy came to me and told me, "I don't really understand. You're in this program with Ric Flair. It would be perfect because you could go against him again. But, they told me no." I really didn't understand why the answer was no. I don't even really think they know that it got back to me. I definitely think there could have been more especially if they let me join that group with Tommy Dreamer that was going to rival the Ric Flair group."


On working with Hulk Hogan in TNA:
"Oh man, it was amazing! He's got a great Macho Man impression! Almost better than mine! It was a surreal moment standing next to him for the first time, getting to meet him. I did a little thing in the center of the ring where he came out, I think he made the match with me and Ric Flair. All I could think of was, "When this airs on TV. Man, my brothers are going to be watching me interact with the same people we watched when we were growing up when my Dad would order those werestling pay-per-views for us." Sometimes I got lost in that thought rather than thinking, "Wow, I'm getting to meet Hulk Hogan, I'm getting to meet Ric Flair!" I'm thinking about what happens when my brothers see this!"


On who is left in ROH that he wants to work:
"That is a great question. I am not a tag team specialist but if I was, my answer would be the young Bucks. But, as a singles wrestler, I wouldn't be able to do it. They are at the top of the list. Not only are they red hot right now but I'm really good friends with them and I think in the ring.. A lot of people think they do a little too much. But, I think wrestling changes with the times. They are of my generation! And, I'm not that old! They are the tag team of my generation! I'm always ready to get in there with anybody. Some of the younger card guys that I probably wouldn't get to be in the ring with too often would be Will Ferrara. I'd love to be in the ring with him. But, I think at the top of that list would be the Young Bucks. In order for that to happen, I need a partner! Which is also, coincidentally, one of the only titles I have not held in Ring of Honor, the Tag Team titles."


On Samoa Joe saying he wants Jay Lethal in WWE:
"Samoa Joe is a big bully and he just wants me on the same roster he is so I can carry his bags. (laughs) Joe is amazing! I've had very, very, very limited conversations with anyone from the WWE. Neither of whcih lead to anything major or with any kind of promise. Mostly because, I'm extremely happy with where I am right now. I think every wrestler has different goals as to what making it is in wrestling and that will make you persue options a little bit more. I'm extreley happy with everything that I have been able to do in wrestling which makes me extremely happy where I am right now which is in Ring of Honor."


On throwing out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game:
"That was nerve racking. Before you do that, you hear horror stories about awful first pitches. Then, you go on YouTube and you watch people throw really bad first pitches. You don't want to be on that list. And, you don't want to be on ESPN and be on SportsCenter although they say most publicity is good publicity. I remember thinking, "Wow, celebrities get to do this. I'm getting to do this? This is something celebrities do." That was really cool. They gave me a jersey which my Dad has and refuses to let go. So, I guess, I don't have a jersey, my Dad does. (laughs) He's my biggest fan!"


Make sure to check out the full interview at this link.

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