JBL Says Sami Zayn Is Worse Than ISIS

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Monday night, on 'Bring It To The Table,' John Bradshaw Layfield basically said that Sami Zayn is worse than ISIS.

It should be noted that Sami Zayn, real name Rami Sebei, is a practicing Muslim, who is fluent in Arabic.

Don't let the ginger beard fool you. He is of Syrian descent, the son of immigrants to Canada.

(By the way, that ginger beard is the only thing that keeps him on your TV every week. If he looked stereotypically Middle Eastern, he'd be booked like Ariya Daivari.)

Sami has been active on Social Media in the past, expressing his opposition to the Trump administration's proposed Muslim Ban back in January.

He's also been very vocal about his support for Syrian refugees.

Those refugees are fleeing ISIS.

So when JBL says that he'd rather be captured by ISIS than have dinner with Sami Zayn, and the WWE as a company neglects to edit that comment out of its tape-delayed program, what are they saying, exactly?

And where is the line that JBL could cross that would get him in serious trouble with his employers?

Does such a hypothetical line even exist?

Because it appears the answer to that question is no. They keep giving him more platforms, more opportunities to say ignorant or hateful things. Or as it's apparently called in the WWE: "Ribbing."

Just last night, he was on Talking Smack:

Too late, John. Too late.

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