Jeff Hardy Discusses Working With Samoa Joe And Bringing Real-Life Issues Into WWE Storylines

Jeff Hardy has no problem incorporating his real-life issues into his on-screen rivalries.

Hardy's alcohol and substance abuse problems have been well documented, even on-screen. In a 2008 feud against CM Punk, the "Best in the World" referenced Hardy's issues multiple times while building their eventual showdown. This past Tuesday on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy was celebrating his 20th anniversary in the company when an uninvited guest crashed the party. Samoa Joe interrupted the party, wanting to make sure the alcohol was kept away from Hardy before chastising the former World Champion for not remembering most of his 20-year run.

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Speaking to Joey Hayden of Guide Live, Hardy discussed Joe's promo from Tuesday and bringing his real-life troubles into his WWE feuds.

"It helps a lot, especially because people relate with it. Even a friend of mine, they were in from out of town yesterday, and he said when they were watching it - actually down with Matt - and he was like, 'Yeah, I kind of got mad.' - Because he's a recovering addict and all that, too," said Hardy. "He said, 'I was getting mad when he was saying you weren't coherent, can't bring the champagne too close.' But, you know, you got to be confident in what you are and who you are, and I am. So, none of those promos like that - it reminds me back in the day with CM Punk, you know, the same kind of issues. It's all good. It's good for the fans, it's good for us, and it's good for the WWE."

On the subject of feuding with Joe, Hardy said, "We've worked a few times in WWE, but many times in TNA. Back then, we worked a lot. Same thing with A.J. [Styles]. And it's cool to think back then what we were doing in TNA, and to see us now in WWE. And after that intense moment of him interrupting my celebration, it's going to be a great feud. So, I'm looking forward to what's going to happen in the weeks to come."

Hardy is also looking forward to the feud due to the timing. With WWE TLC scheduled for Dec. 16, Hardy will have a chance to compete at the event named after the match he helped make famous.

"It's funny, I didn't know what was going to happen with Joe this past week, that I was going to start something with him," he said. "And I was talking to D-Von Dudley, we actually had to watch SummerSlam 2000 - the first-ever TLC match that was actually called TLC. And we had to talk throughout the match, and it was such a fast-paced, killer match and I said, 'Man, that's the one thing I'm kind of bummed about. I'm not on the TLC pay-per-view.' But then I found out what was going to happen with Joe later and I got really excited. So, hopefully we'll get a little position on the pay-per-view."

Hardy recently wrapped up a feud with Randy Orton, which concluded with the "Charismatic Enigma" hanging from the roof of Hell in a Cell and falling through a table. The bout marked the first time Hardy had wrestled inside Hell in a Cell.

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