Jeff Hardy Said He Would Have Stayed In TNA If Billy Corgan Bought The Company

Jeff Hardy wasn’t too keen on re-signing with Impact Wrestling during his last few months there, but he would have stayed on if Billy Corgan’s plan to buy the company would have succeeded.

On Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Hardy revealed that he and his brother Jeff got a cease and desist letter by Impact Wrestling to stop using the Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero characters when the duo were briefly competing for Ring of Honor earlier this year.

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“No because we did the Ring of Honor pay-per-view and that’s when we got the whole cease and desist letter,” Hardy said. “They said, ‘if you use it, we’ll sue you.’ I think Dish Network didn’t air the pay-per-view because of the threat. It’s sad. The Broken Universe characters were made specifically for Matt and Jeff Hardy.”

Jeff then talked about Billy Corgan, the former TNA President who tried to buy Impact Wrestling last year, but a drawn-out legal battle prevented Corgan from acquiring the company. Not only did Jeff said he would likely have stayed with his former employer had Corgan bought TNA Impact, but also had a lot of ideas when TNA did its Delete or Decay segment between the Broken Hardys and the Decay.

“I love Billy, he was right out there with us,” Hardy said. “Honestly, I probably would've still been there now if he would [have bought TNA]. Something didn’t work out. I don’t know what it was, but there was too many uncertainties. He wasn’t a part of Final Deletion, but he was for Delete or Decay and he had a lot of input. Just like all of us, we throw [our ideas] out there and see if it sticks. Some were good and some didn’t work… Billy was out there with us and he was telling me, ‘you’ve really outdone yourself, Jeff.’”

Instead, the Hardys returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, where they are the current RAW Tag Team Champions at the time of this writing.

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