Jeff Jarrett On AEW Airing AEW All In Footage: The Way To Create The Most Revenue Is To Blur The Lines

Jeff Jarrett is excited to see how it unfolds.

On the April 10 episode of AEW Dynamite, the Young Bucks (Matthew and Nicholas Jackson) will present footage from AEW All In for the first time. Details have not been confirmed, but All In was the site of the backstage incident between CM Punk and Jack Perry that led to Punk's termination and Perry's suspension. Punk has since signed with WWE, and Perry has yet to return to AEW. Tony Khan has confirmed that real footage will air on Dynamite.

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Speaking on his My World podcast with Conrad Thompson, Jeff Jarrett was asked about AEW's decision to air the All In footage on AEW Dynamite.

“It goes without saying that the highest-trafficked weekend out of all 52 weeks of the year online is WrestleMania Monday. But now that WrestleMania is two nights, I would assume that the metrics are sky-high on night one and night two, and today, going into day three, they’re all gonna be very high. To create that kind of buzz, I mean, people…have come unhinged in so many kind of different ways. I often in my mind think, ‘Now Jeff, are you not processing this in 2024 mindset? Because Conrad, from the day I broke in, I was always of the mindset to create the most revenue. I know this sounds cliche, but to create the most revenue in our industry, you gotta have big personalities and larger-than-life, and you gotta define whose the protagonist and antagonist, babyface and heel, all those kind of things. But at the very core, the way to create the most revenue is to blur the lines. Period. End of story. Blur the lines on, ‘Now is that real, or is…wait a minute. That wasn’t supposed to happen, that wasn’t supposed to be said.’ Nowadays, everybody is perceived so in tune with the business. ‘Hey, man, he went off-script.’ You look at the success, I’m not gonna get into the territory days because it’s what they did every Saturday morning, not just in Memphis but around the country, try to blur the lines, get people dialed in. Well, the Attitude Era, at its very core, kicked it off. NWO, it was the WWF invading WCW. Hogan, Hall, and Nash. Holy smokes, we never thought we would see that. Then you got onto the Attitude Era, and you go, ‘Oh my god, Vince is really the boss, and Austin’s talking to him that way? There’s no way…Austin went off-script.’ The whole domino effect, and the ebb and flow of it all is blurring the lines. So what a set of circumstances that we have [on Wednesday], the whole essence of, we’re going to see real footage, I’m assuming. I don’t have any insider knowledge, I actually work there, but I’m glad I don’t know any of this because it makes it fun," Jarrett said.

Jarrett went on to note that it seemed like everyone would see the real footage, and he wondered how the show would blur the lines. He stated that there was plenty of conversation about AEW over WrestleMania weekend, and he expressed his excitement for Dynamite.

"We’re gonna see the security footage…Schiavone said security cameras footage. We’re gonna see real footage, and how’s this gonna blur the lines? Where’s it going? Who’s involved? Who’s not involved? But certainly a weekend that was, obviously the whole world was talking WWE and WrestleMania and everything that goes with it, and the new regime, I would say AEW has quite a bit of chatter. Whether it’s good or bad, that’s up for everyone’s debate. But at the end of the day, we’ll see how it plays out on Wednesday, and that’s the greatest thing about this business that I learned as a kid. ‘Hey son, there’s always Saturday morning. We get to reshuffle the deck. I don’t care how good or bad our TV or our houses were this week. We gotta go do it again and saddle up.’ So it’s exciting, man. It is so exciting," Jarrett said.

Thompson then noted that, in theory, one would not want to make the focus of the tape someone who was not part of the show. He noted that he hoped it was a "coming out party" for Perry but questioned what was going to happen if AEW just showed the footage.

“I’m almost conflicted that that’s where you’re at in the mindset. To me, we’ll go back to using the analogy. We’ve got this book called AEW Dynamite, and the chapter written on April 10th, one of the paragraphs or however you want to break down the book analogy, is going to be the discussion and the reveal and the viewing of a =n absolutely real deal security can footage. The story, the chapter doesn’t even end there. This is a paragraph out of this chapter. It all depends on how things are taken, what the positioning is, who does this or that, what’s said after the fact, what’s said around it. I’m like you. Coming out party [for Perry]. But there’s no doubt about it. The centerpiece of it all is Jack Perry. He works for…he doesn’t work for WWE. I’m assuming there is some type of a relationship. There’s gotta be. Again, I’m there, and I damn sure don’t want to know. It’s got me and you talking about it and intrigued. Mission accomplished. Period. Coming off WrestleMania weekend," Jarrett said.

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