Jeremy Borash Wanted To Continue Collaborating With The Hardys, Praises Ed Nordholm

Jeremy Borash and the Hardys had a unique connection that made them want to work together, no matter where they went.

Borash talked to Jim Ross on his podcast about the collaboration that he had with Matt and Jeff Hardy. When the Hardys left Impact Wrestling, he wanted to continue working with them. But other factors motivated the Hardys to venture back to WWE, with Borash staying put:

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We wanted to continue to work together no matter where it was. Yeah, it was one of those (deals) where we had such chemistry together that we really felt like after at some point, things could have gone in any direction and we really could have gone on to call our own shots as well. Obviously, there [were] different things that happened and it was one of those things that happened so fast. And we just had such a great chemistry together creatively. We had series options. We had a lot of things on the table before it all happened and they ended up going back to WWE.

He also praised Ed Nordholm, Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports & Entertainment, on allowing Matt Hardy to use the "Broken" character. While WWE continues to defend trademarks, such as the name "Cody Rhodes", Nordholm (despite initial resistance) is going another way in terms of giving people their trademarks and characters, which he feels is more modern: 

I'm happy to see it and one thing that has been very cool, I was talking to Ed Nordholm and he kind of lifted the traditional copyright/intellectual property issues that I think have plagued [pro] wrestling for a long time. I still think it's ridiculous that Cody Rhodes has to just be called Cody. He's fine. He can make it work, but it's you know, come on. So lifting the wrench that has been kind of tightening on these things for a long time. I'm happy, so if Matt wants to use the 'Broken' stuff, I guess he's free to do it. Great! And I think it's one of those things that give talent a little more freedom with their creative and kind of hold onto something. At least with Impact Wrestling, if something is created there, you can take it with you and I think that's really revolutionary, I think, in some ways because in a lot of ways, you've got to be your own guy and as the landscape's changing, that's an interesting direction that's taking.

Borash will continue to voice Impact Wrestling as the promotion looks to start its latest regime change at their next set of tapings starting January 5. 

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