Jericho On James Ellsworth Title Shot

Chris Jericho, like many others, is a James Ellsworth fan.

The WWE veteran was on Sports Illustrated 120 Sports and talked about why he chose AJ Styles to be the next guest on Talk is Jericho. He also talked about James Ellsworth getting a WWE Championship match on the October 18 episode of SmackDown Live.

"That's one thing I love about WWE. James Ellsworth is actually a Talk Is Jericho alumni. I had him on the show a few weeks ago. Right off the bat when he showed up he was this kind of peculiar looking guy. Very small. Looks like he has a Gumby body. No chin. He's got no chin whatsoever," Jericho said.

From his first WWE appearance, Jericho saw something in the journeyman indie wrestler And Y2J believes Ellsworth deserved the opportunities that came his way.

"He had this first match a few months ago on RAW and just blew everyone away with the way he carried himself and his presence. I just love the fact that this guy who probably looked upon his whole career with people going, "You're a wrestler? YOU?! Oh, come on!" Well, here he is a few months later or years later pinning the WWE World Champion. It's just a good story. It's a fun story and it goes to show, I'm a big proponent of it, you've got to follow your dreams. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something," Jericho said.

Jericho applauds Ellsworth and the work he has put in, but also credits WWE for giving him a chance.

"The only ones who will tell you that you can't do something are the ones that have failed," Jericho said. "Win, lose or draw is just a cool testament to what you can do if you focus on your dreams, your calls and do everything you can to make it happen. Thumbs up to James and thumbs up to WWE for giving him a shot."

Ellsworth faces AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship tonight on SmackDown Live.

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