Jerry Lawler: AJ Styles Said Someone Was Minutes Away From Going Off For Saudi Arabia Travel Issues

It appears Atlas Air has lost a customer after WWE's Saudi Arabian travel issues.

On his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and Monday Night Raw commentator, Jerry "The King" Lawler, shed some light on the meeting that occurred prior to this week's Monday Night Raw regarding the Saudi Arabia travel issues at WWE Superstars faced when trying to get home after the Crown Jewel 2019 pay-per-view.

The Memphis wrestling Legend revealed that it was mostly AJ Styles and Karl Anderson we spoke up with AJ Styles revealing just how tense everybody was because of the travel issues.

"AJ Styles and Karl Anderson stood up those guys I think were about the only two that really stood up and kind of voiced their concerns and especially AJ," Lawler revealed. "AJ said, 'I'll be honest with you, man, we were just inches away or minutes away from somebody going off,' I mean and something bad happening because as you can expect you know everybody's patience was at its wits end and AJ said, 'man, all I'm thinking about is I'm supposed to be at home playing ball with my son right now you know and instead, I'm stuck here in Saudi Arabia and nobody can explain to me why.'"

Jerry Lawler also said that Vince McMahon told the superstars they would no longer be using the Atlas Air Charter, in hopes of preventing any situation like this from ever happening again.

Atlas Air did issue a statement last Friday, citing mechanical issues as the reason for the delays.

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