Jerry Lawler's new podcast has debuted on PodcastOne.

The company passed along the following press release.

This week marks launch of The Jerry Lawler Show on leading network, PodcastOne. Every Friday, WWE Hall-of-Famer and pro wrestling legend, Jerry Lawler and co-host, Sean Reedy, reflect on Lawler’s five-decade long career, and invite superstar guests to join the conversation on the latest in the wrestling world.

Of the new show, Lawler said, “I'm thrilled to have a new home at PodcastOne, sharing a platform with stars like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Myself and my co-host, Sean Reedy, are both committed to giving my fans the best podcast possible. Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support and please let us know what you think of the show.”

On the debut episode, Lawler and Reedy discuss one of the most pivotal weeks in pro wrestling in a long time, as Lawler comments on his return to the announcer table with the WWE RAW premiere last week. Lawler also reveals what Vince McMahon thought about his performance with Dio Maddin and Vic Joseph. Plus, the co-hosts weigh in on The Fiend, Baron Corbin’s throne mishap, Brock Lesnar’s attack on Rey Mysterio, the show closing event with Bobby Lashley and Rusev, and more.

Lawler spoke of his experience on WWE Raw this week, opening up about his displeasure about doing commentary.

Vince McMahon’s Return on Monday Night RAW

Lawler: “If you really do screw up, say something wrong, or whatever, there is somebody that’s going to - boom - come right in your ear and say, you know, ‘Woah, don’t say that, say it like this…’ Or, ‘Do something like that.’ So, all I know is that, basically, the first time I heard from Vince [McMahon] all night long was – bang - all of sudden right at the end of the show, I could hear the mic cut in and all of a sudden, there was Vince and he said, ‘You guys had an awesome show tonight. Everyone was awesome. Thank you very much.’”

Jerry Doesn’t Like Being A Commentator:

Lawler: “They have a hard time believing it, but I don’t really - I’m not crazy about being a commentator. It’s not – at least to me – it’s not fun. It’s a lot of pressure. It’s a lot of preparation.”

Reedy: “Is it a different pressure from being a main event wrestler?”

Lawler: “Oh, yes! Absolutely. The difference in that is, I feel so confident when I’m in the ring as a wrestler that I - I don’t know if that comes from doing it for so long - almost 49 years - or what. I just feel self-confident about knowing what to do, when to do it, and I never go into a match thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to screw this up.’”

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