Jerry Lawler Says He's Signed A New WWE Contract

 Jerry Lawler says he's been offered a new WWE contract.

The WWE Hall of Famer was relieved of his pre-show co-hosting duties in December, and there was speculation that he might return on a one-off basis from time to time. However, this return is more than just a couple of sporadic appearances. The King is back, long live the King.

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"I re-signed another contract so everything is cool," Lawler told the Cerrito Live podcast. He was asked how long the deal was for, and he responded: "They sign everybody to one year at a time. Think that is how they sign everybody; from year to year. It’s a one year contract and I’m really happy, so everything is good."

One of the biggest things he'll be doing is handling one third of the commentary for the Royal Rumble Match on Sunday, along with Michael Cole and Corey Graves. As far as The King sees it, his royal blood makes him a natural fit.

"The Royal Rumble, 30th Anniversary. I mean, what’s the Royal Rumble without the Royalty? So, I thought it was pretty exciting to get to do that again. It’s going to be me, Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and it should be a lot of fun. I’m only calling the Royal Rumble match, but it’s lasting an hour," and lest you think he's done with co-hosting the Kickoff, "I’m also going to be doing the pre-show; the pre-show is two hours, so I’ll be doing an hour of that."

And after the Rumble is over and the 29th man has been tossed over the top rope, what's next for Jerry The King Lawler? Well, that's the beauty of it, Lawler says. He doesn't really know.

"It’s the cool thing about the contract, it’s kind of an open-ended thing as far as what I will be doing. That’s the thing about the WWE. The great thing about it is that it is so spontaneous. They don’t know one week to the next what they’re going to do, it’s literally like a week to week thing. The thing that I did on Smackdown (interviewing Dolph Ziggler and getting superkicked in the chest, which you can watch at the top of the page) just came about apparently the week before, right after they did the Smackdown the week before, so the writers and creative look and say, ‘oh look, next week we’re in Memphis, let’s do something with King,’ that’s how stuff like that happens. I really don’t know what I will be doing. I thought for a while I wouldn’t be calling anymore matches, then next thing you know, I’m calling the Royal Rumble, so you just never know."

Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

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