Jerry Lawler Says Roman Reigns Is a Locker Room Leader Now

This week's episode of "Dinner With The King" saw WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and co-host Glenn Moore talk about the highly-touted and promoted Roman Reigns vs. John Cena match from WWE No Mercy. You can see submitted highlights below.

Reigns being passed the torch:

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"The reason for that match was, we talk about mythical passing of the mythical torch, I think that's what that match basically represented. In WWE, you have to have, there always have been and always will be, a pecking order in the talent roster. And you usually have that one featured guy that is considered "the guy."

"That, obviously, is a Vince [McMahon] decision on the final say-so on who will be "the guy." You have to feature him, or "push." Sometimes if the fans don't feel that person is ready for that big push, they resent it."

Is Reigns a locker room leader?:

"Yeah, I think so. You know what is a funny thing in the business? When you get to be 'that guy,' you suddenly no longer dress in the same locker room as all rest of the guys. You have your own bus. You have your own locker room. You're not in the one big male talent locker room.

"There is a little bit of a fallacy in the fact of the guy that is "the guy" is the locker room leader; that is just not necessary real. A guy like Brock Lesnar; you never see Brock. He's always on his bus or his own locker room. You never see him. He stays in there until basically it's time for his match. He goes out and comes back, and then he's gone."

Lawler and Moore also discussed The Rock, Flex Kavana and more. You can hear the whole show below.

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