Jim Ross Discusses Braun Strowman And Creating Main Event Stars

Jim Ross says Braun Strowman can be built into a main event performer. 

Strowman competed in a ten minute challenge match against Sami Zayn at WWE Roadblock. He was declared the loser when he failed to beat Zayn in ten minutes. The match was built around the idea no wrestler could survive a match with Strowman. In a recent blog, Ross stated WWE can keep Strowman looking like a monster for a long time. 

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"Liked the concept of the Sami Zayn-Braun Strowman match where to win Zayn had to last 10 minutes with the massive, new villain. Execution was OK but something here was a disconnect for me. Some could argue that essentially stopping the match with Mick Foley was, in hindsight, stopped the flow of the bout.Strowman should be enhanced/built and kept as unscathed as possible until he is ready to work on top of the card and he certainly seems to have the potential, in say, one year, to challenge a Lesnar, Cena, etc at Wrestlemania 2018. Hey, it's just  an idea and someplace to start," wrote Ross.

Even though Ross sees main event potential in Strowman, He also wrote about the challenge WWE faces in creating stars in 2016. 

"It concerns me that often times in today's presentation of sports entertainment, pro wrestling, whatever you choose to call it, that creating a bona fide, main event hero or villain is becoming more challenging and as a result of that many bouts fall short of how good they can actually be as they are strategically laid out to feature one talent as the fan favorite for example but the audience will then have a different idea which often times causes a disconnect," wrote Ross.

On Monday, Strowman destroyed the backstage area and interfered in two matches including the main event on Raw. He was infuriated with technically losing to Sami Zayn and was retaliating against Raw General Manager Mick Foley. 

Ross' blog and podcast are available at JRsBarBQ.com

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