Jim Ross: I Would Be Very Shocked If WWE Let Becky Lynch Slip Away

Jim Ross is a Becky Lynch supporter.

Becky Lynch, a Women's Grand Slam Champion in WWE, entered free agency at the beginning of June. She last wrestled for WWE on the May 27 episode of WWE Raw, where she lost to Liv Morgan. With Lynch's future unclear, some fans have buzzed about her potentially making the jump to AEW.

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Speaking on Grilling JR, AEW broadcaster and former WWE Head of Talent Relations Jim Ross was asked about Becky Lynch potentially coming to AEW.

“I was involved in getting Becky Lynch started in WWE back in the day, so consequently and obviously I’m a big fan of hers. She’s one of the individuals that will reach out occasionally and see how I’m feeling, things if that nature. I have great respect for her and her husband [Seth Rollins], he’s a hell of a hand too. So I don’t know anything about her contractual status. Obviously, I think we all could agree that if AEW was able to sign a talent of her level, it’s gonna help. She’s player, she’s a main-event level player. I think the world of her as a human being. You know my theory of hiring good human beings, she fits that mold perfectly. She’s terrific. But I don’t know how committed she is to being a mom. Not that she’s a good mom or bad mom, she’s obviously a great mother. But what if she wants to have more kids? That could happen. So anyway, I don’t know what she’s gonna do. I would be very shocked if the WWE let her slip away. That doesn’t feel right to me. They got a lot of money invested in her. They got her over. She’s famous, she’s a main-event level talent, she’s broken a lot of molds. So I’m a big Becky Lynch supporter, and whatever she does, I’m pulling for her. I think she’s just an amazing human being and a great mom. Seth Rollins is lucky. He out-kicked his coverage, as we say," Ross said.

Bianca Belair recently made it clear that she supports Becky Lynch in her journey forward. Check out her comments here.

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