Jim Ross Is Still Eyeing A 12/29 Return To AEW, But Will Delay It If Need Be: I'm Gonna Beat Cancer

Jim Ross is determined to kick cancer's ass. No "what ifs" about it!

Jim Ross is still battling skin cancer but is rounding the corner toward what he hopes will be the finish line and a return to AEW Dynamite on December 29.

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Since announcing that he was stepping away from the announce desk to undergo radiation treatment, Jim Ross has steadily claimed that he will return on the final AEW Dynamite of 2021 which just so happens to be the final AEW Dynamite on its original home of the TNT Network as well.

Now, on his most recent Grillin' JR podcast, he has provided an update on treatment including any internal concerns he has had that he will not make his planned return date of December 29. Jim Ross says he's not concerned about missing the date if need be. Beating cancer comes first.

"I'm doing pretty good," said Ross. "Actually. I have my seventeenth skin cancer treatment this morning, as we're recording this. So that means I've got Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday left this week. Then I think two or three more next week, and I'm done. Then at that time, I hope to hear the news that, 'You're cancer-free, JR,' So I'll know that next week. So, I ain't got much on my mind other than healing this shit. I posted a picture the other day that got a little crazy ass play because my leg looks like fucking beef jerky. That radiation's just burnt the hell out of, you know, everything.

"Thank God, they've improved that process, Conrad, to where I have a custom-made boot that when I lay flat on the table, my foot gets in this boot so that the radiation only hits the cancer area. It didn't go anywhere else. But you know, it's not an exact science here. So I got my leg, it hurts and it stings, and it throbs. But, they told me about all this. It's not like I woke up and said, 'Oh, this is gonna hurt.' Like, they told me what it was going to be like. Now it's bubbling up and it's got like little blisters. So they've all gotta pop. So I really got a lot to look forward to this weekend. It'll be alright. Look, other people have gone through worse shit than me."

Ross then reiterated his plan to return on the final AEW Dynamite on TNT on December 29 which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, the home base of All Elite Wrestling.

"You know, I just got my eye on December 29, and getting back on Dynamite is my goal. It's always been my goal. I designed this plan with a doctor's advice and their counsel that we could pull this off. So as we had it, the 29th, which is next Wednesday, that morning is my last treatment. There's where I have my consultation with a cancer specialist and hope they send me on my merry way."

He continued, "I'm just working through it. It's really made me a better man because this is a challenge. This whole thing's really been a challenge, physically and mentally, and I just sit there at night sometimes and wonder, 'Oh, what if on the next Wednesday, I don't get declared cancer-free, and I still got to battle this son of a bitch?' So, what do we do then? We battle. Just keep fighting until it's gone. That's how I look at it. I don't have any, 'Well, what if I don't...' No what ifs? I'm gonna beat it. I have to beat it."

We continue to wish Jim Ross a speedy recovery in his battle against cancer. Fightful has live coverage of AEW Dynamite every Wednesday night beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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