Jim Ross Talks WWE Battleground, Lack Of Individuality With Women's Wrestlers

Jim Ross may not be in 'the know' as it pertains to WWE these days, but he never shies away from offering his thoughts on the product.

In the latest blog entry, ‘good ol JR’ seemed very impressed with WWE Battleground, giving high marks to the Shield Triple Threat, Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens and Enzo Amore's mic work, as well as most of the show in general

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However, there were some things that Ross questioned with on Battleground, more specifically with the portrayal of some superstars, such as a heel Seth Rollins.

“Why should I dislike alleged villain Seth Rollins? He rarely cheats, he's a great athlete that does tons of fan favorite spots and has overcome a potential career threatening injury that was well documented,” Ross wrote. “Getting fans to dislike Rollins is going to be challenging abased on the current lay of the land.”

Ross also explained his feelings as it pertains to the women of WWE. People were not pleased with a tweet Ross published, criticizing the lack of originality on the female roster.

“Some took exception to my Twitter comment Sunday about the women of WWE and their long, flowing hair extensions and I merely suggested that the 'sameness' was my issue and that there wasn't enough individuality among the WWE women,” Ross wrote. “This has nothing to do with 'real' hair but all about the lack of individuality that exists. Is it a big deal? Of course it isn't but was merely an observation. For those who might think that I am not a fan of the women in WWE then you must be new to the party. For those who did protest loudly, I suggest that you ‘Lighten Up Francis.’”

His few gripes did not end there. He was also not pleased with how the way the Intercontinental Match between Darren Young and The Miz went.

“Thought the IC title bout was a bit of a train wreck but that can be attributed to trying to do too much in the time allotted and/or the general layout of the match,” Ross wrote. “It did the IC Title no favors.”

You can check out his website here, where he answers fan-submitted questions, writes up blog entries and you can order his signature barbecue sauce.

By Carlos Toro

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