Jimmy Jacobs Says Vince McMahon Almost Fired A Writer For Not Knocking On His Door

Vince McMahon's behavior as a boss is something that, over time, has become the stuff of lore. Stories have been told from the likes of Paul Heyman and others about Vince McMahon hating when he sneezes because it was a sign that he didn't have the self-control to hold in a natural reaction from his body. 

Jimmy Jacobs is not only an independent pro wrestler and an IMPACT Wrestling producer, but someone who spent time as a writer for WWE.

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Speaking to Hannibal TV, Jacobs tells a story about Vince McMahon nearly firing a writer for not knocking on his office door before entering. Jimmy would go on to credit this moment as an enlightening one for him letting him know that his WWE creative tenure could come to an end at any moment.

"I think one of my regrets is walking around there being scared of Vince because everybody is more or less," Jacobs began. "You know, when I first got there, I wasn't scared of Vince. I was like, 'he's a dude.' He's a dude just like everywhere else. He's a billionaire dude, but he's a dude. After about a month of being there, I was like, 'oh, yeah. I see why everybody's scared of him.'

"A month after I was there, he wanted to fire one of the writers for not knocking on his door, his office door before he came in. That's all it takes. You're always reminded you're one weird interaction away with Vince from being fired. And so that becomes like your mentality there, how am I not going to get fired today? How can I go on today and not make the crazy man angry? How am I not going to be yelled at today? It's no fun living like that."

When asked whether or not he feels Vince McMahon leverages the fear of others and his business life, Jimmy's answer was very concise.

"He rules by fear. Yeah, that's by design," Jimmy said boldly.

Vince McMahon ignoring the criticisms of WWE's product is yet another character trait that is often talked about among fans, especially those that are dissatisfied with the direction of the WWE product. Jimmy, reciting what he says is one of Vince's favorite quotes, provided rare insight as to what Vince McMahon feels towards criticism about the creative direction of WWE.

Jacobs concluded, "one of Vince's favorite catchphrases is 'fuck 'em!'" 

Jimmy would be fired in 2017 after taking a selfie with the Bullet Club when Cody and company were filming an episode of Being  The Elite where the gang "invaded" a near-by location of Monday Night Raw before WWE went on-air.

Currently, Jimmy is very heavily involved in the production of IMPACT Wrestling. You can watch them every Tuesday night at 8 P.M. Eastern on AXS TV

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