Jimmy Jacobs Shares His Thoughts On Other Wrestlers Speaking Very Highly Of Him

Jimmy Jacobs has a lot of respect in the industry.

During an interview earlier this month, the multifaceted Jimmy Jacobs stated that the past eight months of his career has been the best bar none in his 19 years in the business. Along with making the rounds on the independent scene, Jacobs is also the on-screen manager of Kongo Kong and an in-ring performer for IMPACT Wrestling as well as having a backstage role in the company.

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It has been documented that superstars like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Tessa Blanchard have gone on record speaking about how much of a positive influence that Jimmy Jacobs has been on their careers. 'Vulture Hound' had the opportunity to interview Jimmy Jacobs and the site asked Jacobs about the high praise that he receives from his peers and the former PWG World Tag Team Champion responded with the following:

"I really enjoy working with IMPACT. I had that time in WWE as a writer, being on the creative team and helping produce the television shows. There were some really fun things in doing that for WWE, but there were also downsides to it as well. I feel like with IMPACT right now, I get all the upside. I get the chance to help create, I get the chance to help out talents." He continued, "Having the opportunity to have somebody like me for talents, like Tessa Blanchard who has a lot of potentials and is awesome in the ring. She’s got all the basics covered but we can take her from being like, 'Okay she’s really talented, has a lot of potentials' to helping her realize that potential. It’s my job to help talents be better than they are and to see them unfold, to see them grow into themselves."

Jimmy Jacobs went on to particularly speak about the current IMPACT X Division Champion Matt Sydal who according to Jacobs has improved leaps and bounds from where he was a few years ago.

"Matt Sydal is a huge example. Matt Sydal has been one thing his whole career, it’s been great, being a sort of babyface that can have great matches, who doesn’t talk much, being a good wrestler and doing high-flying stuff." He said. "That’s been him his whole career and, a few months back, we took a chance on him when we said: 'Hey I think there’s something more.' We capitalized on what he’s in real life, with him being kind of spiritual and holistic and those sort of things. We thought why not adding that in his character and try something else. There were people even internally who thought that was a bad idea. People want to cheer Matt because he does impressive moves, they’re going to be confused by this new character of his. But over the past month, seeing Matt develop and seeing him during the last tapings session in early June, the promo he cuts that’s going to air in a few weeks and the backstage promos on Brian Cage, it was the best thing I shot from all we got, from anybody." Jacobs expressed. "Matt has never been a good talker, he’s never been great with promos, and this guy cuts the best promo I saw that week. To see that transformation, to see that happen, to see somebody who didn’t even know they had it in themselves and to see that come out because you believe in them, because the group of people here saw something else in him and to see that come to fruition, that’s awesome. That’s great, I love it."


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