Jimmy Uso Discusses Climbing The Ranks Of WWE's Tag Team Division And Goes In-Depth About He & His Brother's Heel Turn

A member of arguably the best team in pro-wrestling shares his thoughts on being on top of WWE's tag team division.

The Usos' rise to stardom came with a new attitude and swagger that would propel them to the top of WWE's tag team division in a short amount of time. The duo has garnered the respect from the crowd and even though they are heels, they receive an abundance of cheers from the fans who respect what Jimmy & Jey have done with their characters. While speaking with The Independent, Jimmy Uso would state that he and his brother are on fire right now and that is nothing short of a factual statement.

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“I feel like tag team wrestling has been in the shadows for a while. When my brother and I debuted in WWE, we knew that if we wanted to make a mark here, we’d have to run the tag division and last year we finally had a chance to really open up and come around to us." Jimmy added. “It’s on fire and right now, I still feel like tag team wrestling is growing because there are a lot of teams down in NXT that haven’t come up to the main roster yet and a lot of teams out there doing their thing in independent wrestling and people who haven’t made their mark here yet, or are trying to get here. When you’re trying to be the best tag team in the world, you’re looking and watching everywhere and there’s a lot of talent that haven’t even been seen or had their chance.”

The Usos are the reigning SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions and the duo had an amazing feud with The New Day for the greater half of 2017. Jimmy Uso would go over how much fun it was to compete against the peculiar duo of Big E, Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston.

"When I was growing up, the tag division was on fire and I remember watching The Hart Foundation, The LOD, The Headshrinkers; the list goes on. I knew the tag division was the only way The Usos would ever start to make some noise. Our feud with The New Day is the best rivalry and the most fun I've ever been a part of and it's really helped people see how much fun tag wrestling can be. My philosophy is, if you've got two guys in the ring; what's better than two guys? Four guys. The match will be way more exciting and that's how we see it and how we all talk about it."

As seen every week on SmackDown Live, the 3-time SmackDown Live Tag-Team Champions have a new rough and tough attitude. When they are not beating down their opponents in the ring, they are doing so on the mic. Jimmy Uso would reveal that some of the inspiration for he and his brother's heel turn came from their cousin, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns, who also garners a bipolar reaction from the WWE audience.

"I think that was the people's call, the [fans] called that. When we were with Roman Reigns we were getting booed, but then the boos stayed with us. So, we were like 'Why are we coming out here trying to show our heritage and trying to high-five everybody if they don't like us?' For us it was a case of 'Well, we don't like you either!' I think that helped us. They gave us the [heel] turn and said, 'It's your time, what do you want to do?' He added. "When we said what we wanted to do, we knew we had to deliver and I feel like we did deliver and the people have got with us, which is cool. Going from something good to something better is hard to do, but while I knew we were climbing, I didn't know we'd get to where we're at now. From the good Usos with the face paint, we were climbing that mountain and we're at the top of the tag team division now - that's just what it is."


Jimmy Uso would also reveal the teams who he would like to compete against that are not currently on WWE's main roster. To read more of Jimmy's interview with The Independent, click here. Also, The Usos are scheduled to take on The New Day for the two teams' fifth match in their trilogy at WWE 'Fastlane'. We will have full coverage of that PPV event and a post-show podcast, right here on Fightful.

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