Jinder Mahal Found Out "The Day Before" That He Was Going To Become Number One Contender

Jinder Mahal says he found out the day before about being number one contender, but knew things could change. 

Mahal became number one contender in a Six-Pack Challenge match and since has been attacking WWE World Champion Randy Orton with the help of The Singh Brothers. His win was a sudden change from the status quo considering his long losing streak before he came to Smackdown. On Talk is Jericho, he was asked when he found out he was going to be number one contender. 

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"I had heard the day before. Just coincidentally, they're like 'Oh you're in a Six-Pack Challenge match' and I was like 'Oh who's in it.' I said 'Corbin?' They're like 'No, Corbin is not in it.' and I was like 'Really?' They're like 'You're working Randy next,'" said Mahal. " I was like 'Things could change' like they always do, I was like 'Oh we'll see when we get there,'" he continued. 

Mahal also found out about the Singh Brothers joining him late. He said he found out the day of the six-pack challenge match they would be joining him. He said having them with him "adds more depth to the character" and helped with being the villain. The Singh Brothers (then known as The Bollywood Boyz) had come into WWE as part of the cruiserweights but were then at NXT. Mahal recalled telling The Singh Brothers to use their time at NXT to become a more legitimate tag team. 

Mahal and Orton will wrestle at WWE Backlash on Sunday May 21st at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.  The WWE United States Championship and Smackdown Tag Team Championships are also being contested at the pay-per-view. 

The rest of Mahal's interview on Talk is Jericho is available at Podcastone.com.

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