Joey Ryan Addresses Allegations Against Him, Refutes 18 Different Claims

Joey Ryan released a lengthy video on Saturday night where he addressed 17 allegations against him pertaining to sexual assault and misconduct. Ryan went through each allegation and provided his evidence against the claims. 

Ryan, real name Joseph Meehan, begins by saying the video is for fans who have supported him so they don't feel shame or guilt. He notes that it's taken him this long because his therapist asked him to take a mental health break and his attorney asked him not to comment on the allegations until they were reviewed. Ryan also says he wanted to respect the Speaking Out movement, but he believes people should be held accountable. 

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Ryan states, "I have never had sex with a woman without her consent and I have never acted criminally towards a woman or with sex." Ryan says he's been able to separate business with personal life and never used wrestling clout to get people to do what they want. He says he's also never been sexually charged in a wrestling match, but he uses his "dick-flip" style because it's a proven draw and creates a buzz. 

Ryan knows there are a lot of allegations, but says a lot of them are just flirting and there are only "four actual accusations of sexual assault." 

* Allegation of pursuing the fiance of Primeau and actively ruining his life: Ryan didn't know this person and it was never made clear to him that the woman had a fiance or boyfriend. 

* Allegation of assaulting someone on a Tinder date in 2015: Ryan wasn't on Tinder, would have been traveling with Candice LeRae in 2015 and would not ditch her for a date.

* Allegation of propositioning a fan to do a penis grab: Ryan says they are untrue and is always professional at the merch table, which includes a professional photographer and waivers. Says he can barely make eye contact with strangers. 

* Allegation of assaulting Dani M in a bathroom at a wedding: Ryan says they made out in a bathroom and she performed a consensual sex act. The next day, she sent DMs and propositioned him for threesomes and more. Ryan doesn't believe if she felt assaulted, she would continue to pursue him. 

* Allegation of using mental health issues to sexually assault Danielle Matheson: Admits to confiding in her regarding issues with his wife, but that she pursued him. Admits to sharing a hotel room, but says it was her idea and has written consent of them sharing the same bed. Ryan also notes that she had to retract her allegations against Trent Seven.

* Allegation of assaulting a woman in a hotel room: Says they bonded over their respected separations and they shared a kiss that had her worried over people seeing it. They did shows together and he took her on a date, though she was feeling sick. They went out, had drinks, and went back to the hotel. When they began having sex, which Ryan believed was consensual due to the comments she made, but she began to panic. Ryan says he stopped and checked on her before leaving. "As soon as she said stop, I stopped." Says they continued to wrestle each other after the incident. 

* Allegation of using friendship to assault a woman: Says they are best friends, spent time in a hotel room together. They began spooning and grinding, she didn't want him to remove her pants, she agreed he could remove his pants and she performed a consensual sex act. Says it's not true he fell asleep, which she claimed. Both regretted it. Still hung out after the incident despite her claiming she was now afraid of him. 

* Allegation of sending inappropriate DMs to Elayna Black: Shows messages between the two that deny her claims of inappropriateness or him using power over her.

* Allegations of making Rok-C feeling uncomfortable and allegation from Hyan claiming Ryan booked Rok-C on her 18th birthday so she could grab his penis: Says it was part of an LWA storyline that Rok-C couldn't touch his penis because she was underage, but once she turned 18, he could "be Joey Ryan." Couldn't do the match in LWA because of conflicting dates, so he booked her for Bar Wrestling. LWA date became free, they agreed to keep the Bar Wrestling date. Didn't mean to offend Rok-C with the "I'm old enough to be your father" line and says it was inappropriate to offer to make out with her when she turned 18. Says he respected it when she said no. 

* Allegations of being inappropriate with Alex Gracia: Says he misread signals. Thought she wanted to hook up, made an attempt to hook up, but she said no. He respected her wishes. Feels guilty because she was showing friendship.

* Allegations/allusion of sexually assaulting Allie Kat: Says they had consensual threesome, which Allie Kat allegedly bragged about. Says they wrestled at a later date and feels if she felt traumatized, she wouldn't be eager to do the match. 

* Allegations of being inappropriate with Stella & Erin of Not Your Demo podcast: Says he was told it was a "nude podcast" and he called their bluff. Apologizes for offending Stella, but doesn't know if Erin was offended because they later fooled around in a hotel room and would later exchange flirty text messages.

* Allegations of being inappropriate with Corinne in a car: Admits to being aggressive on the road while married because he only had one night in a town and he "wanted to make something happened." Apologized for invading her personal space and she accepted his apology. 

* Allegations of invading the personal space of Charlie: Apologizes, respected her no. Once again admits that he could be aggressive while on the road.

* Allegations pressuring Vanessa Kraven into sex and using his power in wrestling for personal gain: Says he's never used his power, believed the flirting was mutual, admits to invading her personal space during a kiss with how he used his hands. Says if he inappropriately touched her while filming the Candice & Joey show, it was because of how he had to hold the camera and because she is taller than him. Apologizes for the incident. 

* Allegations of pressuring Jetta into sex after shows: Says he came onto her strong after a IPW: UK show, but was never told to "fuck off." Apologizes for invading her personal space, but respected her "no." Denies trying to get into her hotel room in France because he had sex with somebody else that night. 

* Allegations of being inappropriate with Kitten at a bar while she was underage: Freaked out when he found out her age and wondered by a 16-year-old was allowed at the bar. Admits to inviting her to hang out after the incident because he didn't want her to feel traumatized.  

* Allegations of hurting ex-girlfriend Victoria during sex: Says she's an adult film star who liked it rough. He wanted to be a considerate lover and do things that he wasn't always into. She once complained he choked her too hard, but didn't do the other things she claimed. Calls the relationship toxic. 

Throughout his run-through of denials, Ryan shows messages exchanged between him and his various accusers.

Ryan ends the video by saying the accusations cost him friendships from people who didn't reach out before that "chased clout" and blasted him. Also says it cost him his job IMPACT, who put out a statement saying they would investigate the claims, but never did. He says IMPACT never reached out to him before releasing him via email. He claims his contract says IMPACT could not release him for anything that took place before signing with the company and notes all the allegations took place before he signed with IMPACT. 

He is still considering his legal recourse, but is continuing to work on himself and has now connected with God. 

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